Monday, June 8, 2015

The Little Red Lighthouse

We did The Little Red Lighthouse as part of the FIAR books that we are going through, and it was quite fun.
 photo 1_zpsmlsbjtl7.jpg
We read the book, and listened to the records on Youtube, and read some go-along books on various subjects that came up in the book.
 photo 2_zpslj24ni8b.jpg
We revised compound words,
 photo 3_zpsp6m8ogfc.jpg
studied landforms that were in the book,
 photo 13_zpsu29mvuts.jpg
learned about personification,
 photo 14_zpslvrbgghf.jpg
made our versions of tugboats,
 photo 11_zpsfh5xi0gv.jpg
sailed them on a blanket sea,
 photo 10_zpso3q1iqxx.jpg
 photo 9_zpseypyu1yj.jpg
and made our own lighthouses......
 photo 12_zpsnivgzyzg.jpg
 photo 4_zpskcplrkdh.jpg
 photo 5_zpse8q9i61a.jpg
 photo 6_zpsmzlzuzhw.jpg
 photo 7_zpsdolewwsk.jpg
complete with a working light tower!
 photo 8_zpsshpk4zug.jpg

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