Tuesday, July 28, 2015


It does my heart good to see you playing with other kids.. and to see them respond positively to you.  We try to make it a point that when Patsy's great nephews come to visit her, that you boys get to spend some time together.
 photo 1_zps9ql73bev.jpg
You are as tall as the 9 year old, but the 3 of you get along really well.  You are still a little bit immature compared to the 2 boys, but they are really sweet about it.
 photo 2_zpszoib65yk.jpg
 photo 4_zpsfqq6ltte.jpg
 photo 3_zpsmoos9iji.jpg
 photo 5_zpsbfpklcuq.jpg

Monday, July 27, 2015


I forgot to post this when I did the other July 4th Posts, but you had fun making - and especially parading around in - your Uncle Sam hat.
 photo July 01 School and America1_zpselpl2d72.jpg
 photo July 01 School and America_zpswp6ggj2g.jpg
 photo July 01 School and America2_zps0axhngsn.jpg
 photo July 01 School and America3_zpsmizwwble.jpg

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I just realised....

You are now the SAME AGE as CALVIN..

You may not be as precocious, but you have started asking to "drive the shopping cart" 

And of course, nothing is ever completely lost ( even if everyone ELSE says it is ) until Mommy can't find it either, right?

re: below, which happened only last night.

for now, dear boy, the shows that you are allowed to watch have a strict parental filter on - both on the DVR and in person.

Your dad has a story about refusing to eat Beets when he as a child because they tasted BLUE.  Grandad was not too pleased, but that didn't make the gagging any less, apparently.

Miss Rumphius Planting Follow-Up

Remember when we did Miss Rumphius? And planted all those seeds?  Well, they were ready to harvest in June, and of course, I didn't get to post the photos till now...

 photo June 06 Veges and Plants4_zps5tqbxxnl.jpg

We had peas

 photo June 06 Veges and Plants_zps3s74tnqm.jpg

green beans

 photo June 06 Veges and Plants1_zpspawbmznf.jpg

and marigolds.  The carrots somehow didn't make it. :(

 photo June 06 Veges and Plants2_zpsek7protj.jpg

But we DID have an unexpected Pumpkin plant from seeds from a pumpkin that probably rotted to death in front of the house from Halloween.  And I can see at least ONE pumpkin growing in there.

 photo June 06 Veges and Plants3_zpsdswyduud.jpg

You were pretty thrilled to harvest the few beans/peas that were big enough

 photo June 06 Veges and Plants5_zpsfxtblmyj.jpg
 photo June 06 Veges and Plants6_zpsjdw5g5pt.jpg
 photo June 06 Veges and Plants7_zpsovz1mdb2.jpg

Monday, July 20, 2015

And speaking of slimy squishiness

We had a BUNCH of rain last month, and so what else can you expect from a Peppa Pig fan? :)
 photo May 27 Muddy Puddles_zpsmjhnmxhf.jpg
 photo May 27 Muddy Puddles1_zpsqtfjbpbv.jpg

Slime and all that good Goop

So we were reading Squish the Super Amoeba comic book - or if you're persnickety that way, you might want to call them "graphic novels"... and at the end of the book, there were instructions on how to make cornstarch gak.
 photo June 01 Slime and getting Mail1_zpsfrcv493g.jpg
Of course, which little boy ever said no to slime and mud and all things squishy.

We had everything we needed on hand, and of course, the rest was history..
 photo June 01 Slime and getting Mail_zpscfamz6t4.jpg

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Such Great Heights!

We have always known you were a tall boy, and that you were at the 99th percentile for height, but we when Patsy's great nephews came for the summer, that really put some things into perspective.

She had brought the boys to bible class and MaryAnn was watching you guys in the play room.. when class was over and you guys trooped back into our class, and you stood next to the 9 year old, you guys were the same height!

 photo Fullscreen capture 7112015 100534 AM.bmp_zpsicp8d0bb.jpg

No wonder the size 8 clothes we get seem like they will only fit for the next few months!
According to this graph, you are the height of an average 8 1/2 year old... and that the average 6 1/4 year old is 5-6 inches shorter than you are.
You will surely be taller than Daddy if this keeps up.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Minecraft on the Brain

We got caught in the rain walking into the church building on Sunday, and all you could say was, "Mummy, quick, take a picture of your purse! It looks like one of the blocks in Minecraft!!"

Here you go, son.
 photo IMG_20150524_090048_276-001_zpsdimyxg7h.jpg
Yes, we are getting quite tall and big these days... and not batting an eyelid at feats that require tremendous strength.. like er, holding up the RV roof with a single finger.

 photo May 30 Holding up the Ceiling with 1 Finger_zpssdf487sc.jpg

Good Lord

Has it been almost a month since I have posted? This is worse than I thought.  Gotta buckle down and do some serious catching up.

To start us off, here's a tradition you like to uphold whenever we are at Lowe's while Daddy's picking up, well, Daddy Stuff.
 photo IMG_20150519_185326_028_zpsz0t96o4g.jpg
 photo IMG_20150519_185438_272_zpsbuym27jm.jpg
You will always ask me if you can go ride the "tractors" and lawnmowers.  And then you would climb onto just about everyone of them and ask me to snap photos.
 photo May 19 Lawnmower Boy at Lowes-001_zpsxh1c48ki.jpg
Yes, you are quite the ham.

I made you promise to get me an actual riding mower when you are all grown up, and you were only too happy to say "Of Course!"