Saturday, July 11, 2015

Such Great Heights!

We have always known you were a tall boy, and that you were at the 99th percentile for height, but we when Patsy's great nephews came for the summer, that really put some things into perspective.

She had brought the boys to bible class and MaryAnn was watching you guys in the play room.. when class was over and you guys trooped back into our class, and you stood next to the 9 year old, you guys were the same height!

 photo Fullscreen capture 7112015 100534 AM.bmp_zpsicp8d0bb.jpg

No wonder the size 8 clothes we get seem like they will only fit for the next few months!
According to this graph, you are the height of an average 8 1/2 year old... and that the average 6 1/4 year old is 5-6 inches shorter than you are.
You will surely be taller than Daddy if this keeps up.

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