Saturday, August 8, 2015

Stepping Up

No Tail is getting really old and weak, but he likes to jump up onto the cushioned seat next to Daddy's chair in the kitchen.  So, Daddy was looking for a step to make it easier on No Tail, and I offered him your Cars Step Stool.
We had been using it in the RV for you to step up to the bathroom sink to reach high enough to brush your teeth comfortably.  However, about 6 weeks or a couple of months ago, you suddenly announced,

"Mummy, I don't think I need the stool anymore, I think I am tall enough to use the sink all by myself".

And you WERE!

p/s Good grief, I just checked to see that we paid $9.99 for it on Amazon back in 2012, and now it is selling for $21.58 there and $22.99 at ( And that's after they reduced it from $30.99!! )!

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