Monday, September 28, 2015

Just a sampling

of the images of your food that you ask me to take photos of each day :)

This one is entitled "Pacman Nugget"

 photo d3e5c0c9-a3db-4d2e-b1db-d47dcaea8c22_zpsdgjj5hk8.jpg

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Minecraft Mania

Daddy was at United Supermarkets the other day and noticed that they had little Minecraft Mystery Boxes on sale for 50 cents a box ! We came away with a mini haul, and you have been opening them slowly over the last couple of weeks ( because frankly, we didn't manage to get THAT many of them ).

Anyway, you asked me to take some photos of a couple of the figurines that you got, and I thought I would make a mini gif/movie out of it. Mwahahahahhaha

 photo final2 1_zpsuhztqayw.gif

 photo DSC_0910-001_zpsuydgiezq.jpg

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This happens sometimes when we go eat at Sunrise.  
 photo pizap.com14429780276971-001_zpsvfwuusjn.jpg
You sling your leg over mine, as if to keep me close.  There have been mothers who have told me that their kids wouldn't cuddle anymore when they turned 6 or so. 
 photo pizap.com14429780701331-001_zpsq2gl6hvf.jpg
I have been very lucky that you still want and need plenty of mummy hugs and cuddles every day. 

Such a sweet boy :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Board Gaming

 photo pizap.com14416898717811-001_zpszmp5bgrc.jpg
We all know you absolutely love Minecraft and Stampy.  Recently we started playing "Sequence for Kids", and you have been asking to play it every day.
 photo pizap.com14416897684081-001_zps4pawie1p.jpg
One day, I come back into the room and you have combined the board game AND the video game.
 photo pizap.com14416898017051-001_zpsnvfyygov.jpg
"Mummy, I made a Stampy face using the chips!"

Monday, September 7, 2015

Driving Practice

You had been wanting to "drive" the shopping cart whenever we are at Walmart or HEB.  Most of the time our cart is so full that it can be a challenge even for ME to drive it.  So, when HEB started having their little mini carts, it was a dream come true.
 photo pizap.com14416853698941-001_zps6mzbbtpv.jpg
Sometimes, you get us to put some stuff in your cart to make it a little more realistic, but otherwise, you have a grand time pushing that little cart around. :)
 photo pizap.com14416853269401-001_zps8lvlz4bg.jpg

Riddle Me This

Jaxon: What do you call a Kangaroo Wizard?
Mummy: What DO you call a Kangaroo Wizard?
Jaxon:The Wizard of OZtralia!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Jaxon : Mummy, what do you call a wire that cuts hair?

Mummy : ??? What DO you call a wire that cuts hair?

Jaxon : A barber wire, geddit? A BARBer WIRE!!!!