Saturday, December 5, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

You had been looking forward to Thanksgiving, because you would get to see and play with the cousins and have a grand time, and basically you are just a little boy who is enthusiastic and exuberant and such a wonder to be with :)

You helped me make cranberry relish - one of your favorite things to do ( whenever the time of year comes along )

 photo Nov 25 Making Cranberry Relish3_zps8bbhnyex.jpg

and we even managed to get in a mini lesson about cranberries and how they float and using our senses - you thought they were very tart but couldn't stop biting into them, screwing up your face with each bite, but then going at it again the next moment. :}

 photo Nov 25 Making Cranberry Relish5_zps0u2q8sbe.jpg

Then we got ready to bring our stuff to have lunch with the family, and you were delighted to be dressed in "Stampy Colors" and proceeded to find Stampy colors in just about everything after that..  :)

 photo Collages2_zpspveljswu.jpg

 photo Nov 26 Thanksgiving Leftovers at Stephanies1_zpse1xf49zn.jpg

 photo Nov 26 Thanksgiving Leftovers at Stephanies_zpsk2pc7uym.jpg

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