Monday, January 25, 2016

We MUST have bare fingers

It was a cold day in the church lobby area while we were waiting for daddy.  You asked if you could "help" me with Best Fiends.  Unfortunately, you had gloves on, which left only 1 solution - unglove ONE hand...

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 photo 2_zps8zqwgiei.jpg

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Remembering December

Here are a few things that happened over the December holidays that I've just now put together for posting, shame on me :P

Jaxon and the Two Teds : Teddy and Ted Brown
 photo IMG_20151209_115811_424-001_zpscedvqsj3.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_082814_679-001_zpspasg0ilq.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_082832_682-001_zpsqpocp56k.jpg

The Craft Corner
 photo IMG_20151216_084229_062-001_zpsygfryrnh.jpg

Painting Sun Catchers
 photo IMG_20151216_103531_609-001_zpswgzktivo.jpg

Le Gingerbread Village
 photo IMG_20151221_105852-001_zps77illi7f.jpg

Any good End'O'Season Bargains?
 photo PC236514-001_zpsoigjonqd.jpg

Santa and His Sticky Tape Sleigh
 photo IMG_20151217_122635-001_zpsiierz1lm.jpg

Assembling the Christmas Robot
 photo IMG_20151226_120040_583-001_zpsggda2yyw.jpg

 photo IMG_20151226_113646_581-001_zpsefuymkvj.jpg

Thank you Uncle Carter and Aunt Winnie!
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Putting your best emoji face forward....

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