Friday, April 15, 2016

Cycling Practice

You have been asking to practice cycling, and so we try to do so whenever the weather is nice.
 photo P3307279-001_zpsqlhsn0x0.jpg
 photo P3307280-001_zpshqwebr9s.jpg
 photo P3307285-001_zpstq6xeasf.jpg
 photo P3307287-001_zpsb4phh291.jpg
You have been doing really well, and your confidence has been steadily growing.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

We Heart School

or at least I try to do my best and you do above and beyond what is expected :)

 photo IMG_20160127_100352-001_zpssmk5eacd.jpg
 photo IMG_20160127_100410-001_zpsjxqrj6ky.jpg

You are 7 now. ARGHHHHH

Check out Momma's blog for all the 7 year old celebrations :)

 photo March 25 Birthday with the Bible Class7_zps18nx2xp2.jpg