Friday, May 6, 2016

Well Child Clinic

So we went for your 7 year old well child checkup earlier in the week.

 photo P5037496_zpsymgra1ya.jpg

You are still in the 99th percentile on the charts, still growing big and strong. :)

 photo Fullscreen capture 542016 122655 AM-001_zpsuhyyd6iu.jpg

You had been been a little anxious a the days counted down to the doctor's visit, but by the time we came home, you were wishing you could do it all over again!

This year, you had to do a vision and hearing test besides the pediatrician's examination. You had fun doing the whole covering-one-eye-then-the-other routine, and you were giggling when the physician's assistant had you raise your hand each time you heard a beep over the headphones for the hearing test.

Then you got a case of the tickles when Dr. Wiley started checking your abdomen and such. :)

It was heartening to hear the doctor confirm that you were growing up healthy and strong ( as if we didn't already know that ).

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