Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Toothy news

You've had a molar growing for some time now, way in the back, on the left & bottom. I have no idea how you say it in actual dental terms, but it's in the back, it's on the left and it's on the bottom, So There!

6 Year Old Molars

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Grade 2 Week 4

How can school be anything but delightful with such a sweetheart around?

 photo Sept 17 School13_zpseqbdkcof.jpg

We've been trying to do least one round of "board games" before school, and the one we have been doing has been PictoFeud, which is really quite interesting.

 photo Sept 17 School_zpsoajs01rm.jpg

We also got a few other apps off of the Windows 10 store, which are for making animations that are akin to flip-book cartoons.

 photo Sept 17 School12_zpswuh4ehdi.jpg

Here's a glimpse of my notes for class...

 photo Sept 17 School8_zps1lls3qsu.jpg

as well as some of the things we do online..

 photo Sept 17 School11_zpsafbpbdgd.jpg

This week we learned about various construction projects that were done during The Great Depression, like the Golden Gate Bridge,  the Empire State Building and the Hoover Dam.

 photo Sept 17 School10_zpsdseelf4g.jpg

 photo Sept 17 School9_zpsbtq1vkhn.jpg

We are still working on the introductory part of this year's science work, namely Scientific Methods.

 photo Sept 17 School1_zpsccebbaff.jpg

You love doing experiments, even if they're simple and done in our kitchen.. this week we did one on the different densities of liquids.

 photo Sept 17 School2_zpsvinrrq8u.jpg

 photo Sept 17 School3_zpsyzkmvbzn.jpg

We used food coloring to color our plain water, then made observations using cooking oil and thick dark soy sauce.

 photo Sept 17 School4_zpsg7okzhnc.jpg

 photo Sept 17 School5_zpseith9dua.jpg

 photo Sept 17 School6_zps03lftr53.jpg

We also borrowed a bunch of books from the library, although we didn't get to go through as many as we would have liked to..

 photo Sept 16 Shapes at the Library_zpsylltnmaw.jpg

 photo Sept 16 Library Books_zpsjbuuoppl.jpg

 photo Sept 16 Library Books1_zpsvzsjkk6e.jpg

Here's looking forward to this week!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

You just couldn't help yourself

At the library, I'm usually the one who picks the books that we borrow every week.  One day, you come to me with one of the books with this wide grin on your face.  You go, "Mummy, isn't this just sooooooo cute??!?!?!! Even the emoji is cute!!!"

 photo 20160818_082931_zpsuixyhmaz.jpg

 photo 20160818_083457_zpsngnbokpu.jpg

Just another brilliant culinary outcome

Jaxon : "Mommy, the egg looks weird."

Mommy: "Er, Okay...."


 photo IMG_20160324_142507_415-001_zps45vrq2do.jpg

Artists galore.

You have always loved drawing, scribbling and drawing comic strips or making animations.  They have a program on the library computers where you get to do some digital art, and it's one of your favorite things to do there.

 photo 20160812_111653-001_zpsfunanm3l.jpg

These next pieces of art were made by a local teenager, Lyric Kincaid,  whose art was made into vinyl decals and put up on the glass walls around the library. I mean, wow!
 photo P3257151-001_zps8o63exw9.jpg

 photo P3257150-001_zps2eorwwrw.jpg

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Sniffles

It may be just a placebo effect or whatever, but we like our Vicks Puff Tissue Paper when we have the sniffles...

 photo Sept 06 Red Nose from Sniffles_zpsb3rhdoxu.jpg

Bible Class Art

a.k.a Masterpieces drawn on the class whiteboard while daddy & the ladies are chatting after class.

 photo 20160909_104313_zps8qjccvxj.jpg

Marvel heroes, Iron Man and The Hulk.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Grade 2 Week 3

We revised the history and significance of Labor Day last week.  The fact that children worked in factories, and that this was later outlawed, fascinated you.  You wanted to know at what age you were no longer considered a child.  We looked it up on the internet, and found out that in the middle ages, children as young as 7 could be tried and executed for crimes.


 photo Sept 05 School and Labor Day_zpsatpfbv5p.jpg

We use a bunch of online textbooks, and use vast resources the net provides to supplement our studies.

 photo Sept 05 School and Labor Day1_zpsgzsxijpx.jpg

We still use conventional methods as well, of course, and I would like to think we have a healthy balance.

 photo Sept 05 School and Labor Day2_zpsv5pk4o8u.jpg

 photo Sept 05 School and Labor Day3_zpsfuwnvggh.jpg

Of course, we have distractions as well - both for you and myself.  Like when we observed this road runner that had landed on top of the container one  day, or how you arranged your "friends" to attend school as well; or when I use some of the time when you are doing written work to organize my grocery list.

 photo Sept 05 School and Labor Day4_zpskfqdwaox.jpg

I hope I am doing a good job with this, because some days I feel like I am letting you down, not being a trained teacher and all, but you are blessed with curiosity and willingness to learn.

 photo Sept 05 School and Labor Day8_zpsxmmhdw1i.jpg

 photo Sept 05 School and Labor Day7_zpsgjiditpg.jpg

It wasn't all classroom learning either.  You participated in one of the many activities the library offers, and this week they were making elephant ears like Horton's.

 photo Sept 05 School and Labor Day5_zps7gugdrsd.jpg

 photo Sept 05 School and Labor Day6_zpsgqpqcgbn.jpg

We also stopped by the playground at a church nearby, and you made a few new friends.

 photo Sept 05 School and Labor Day9_zpszazguxnz.jpg

Also, I thought I would put this here instead of starting a different post..
library books we/you read this week.

 photo Sept 09 Gr 2 Wk 3 Library Books_zpselzrakwd.jpg

 photo Sept 09 Gr 2 Wk 3 Library Books2_zps9h4zorsu.jpg

 photo Sept 09 Gr 2 Wk 3 Library Books1_zpsc4zjt3iu.jpg

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Breakfast Series...

Just in case you were wondering many years later what your mom served you for breakfast when you were 7, well, here it is.

Yogurt with fruit and chocolate granola, with waffles & bananas with orange juice.

 photo Aug 17 Breakfast Series3_zpssmfcapdx.jpg

Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich with Granny Smith fries and almonds.

 photo Aug 17 Breakfast Series2_zps4b4vkapl.jpg

Waffles with jelly and a squirt of whipped cream, banana with a dash of chocolate syrup and Fuji Apple fries, with orange juice.

 photo Aug 17 Breakfast Series1_zpslxadn0qo.jpg

Toasted Raisin bread with Bananas, Apples & Milk.

 photo Aug 17 Breakfast Series_zps8b1nezuu.jpg

Strange, I didn't get any photos of cereal topped with cut up strawberries, because that's what you eat in the  mornings at least 2 to 3 times a week... Hmm.

No worries, I'm sure I'll be taking  more breakfast pics soon.


Snake Skin

A few months back ( yes, I'm still catching up on posts ), I found a molted snake skin in the yard.  We're used to seeing these, living out here in the country, and you were not intimidated at all to pick it up and inspect it..

 photo 20160714_115141_zps7wzpumra.jpg

One of the best places to Hang Out in Abilene

The Abilene Public Library, where else :)
 photo 20160506_111338-001_zpswzutstoe.jpg
 photo 20160506_111531-001_zps7ixmpwjs.jpg
 photo 20160506_111409-001_zpsyvz7oct8.jpg
 photo 20160506_111506-001_zpslirbtrhm.jpg
 photo 20160506_111645-001_zpsyekcwzjx.jpg
 photo 20160506_111548-001_zpsfixewsqz.jpg
 photo 20160506_111452-001_zpszb7ri0mv.jpg
 photo 20160506_111423-001_zpsj4hn7hyb.jpg