Saturday, September 3, 2016

An Ever Expanding Vocabulary

I had had just about enough of the dog(s) that day, what with THIS,

 photo 10-illustrations-that-every-dog-owner-will-understand-5-is-so-true-it-hurts-02_zpsfhrj9tcs.jpg

( I had laid a new loaf of bread that we had just bought from Walmart on the washing machine, thinking I would come back for it in a minute...only to come back to a CRIME SCENE )

THIS, ( there is dog hair in the FRIDGE, people! )

 photo 10-illustrations-that-every-dog-owner-will-understand-5-is-so-true-it-hurts-07_zpskt2llquz.jpg

and THIS ( perpetually ).

 photo 10-illustrations-that-every-dog-owner-will-understand-5-is-so-true-it-hurts-03_zpsvdsmdcnr.jpg

Then, while I was putting dinner on the table, you came out from the washer/dryer area and the following conversation ensued..

Jaxon: "I think the dog just eliminated in there." 

For a moment, I thought I heard you say "eliminated", but that sounded terribly like grown-up vocabulary, 

Mommy: *incredulously* "Did you just say that the dog ELIMINATED in there?"

Jaxon : "Yes, Mommy.  The dog just eliminated in there."

Mommy : *still incredulous* "You mean like pee'd or poo'd?"

Jaxon : "Yes, Mommy. ELIMINATED."

Well, okay then. :)

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