Saturday, September 3, 2016

Grade 2 Wk 2

We started a new journaling book last week, and so far so good :)

 photo 20160903_102523-001_zpsz9ndessd.jpg

I think the part you love the best is the drawing that goes with the story :)

 photo 20160903_102528-001_zpsyc1x7exk.jpg

At this point, you are able to pay attention for quite a while, but you still learn best when you are engaged, like in a game or something..

 photo 20160901_101613-001_zpsspvuhemh.jpg

So, we've been playing Math games and when you get a sum right, you get to play a short game on the computer.. I used a website that had the Advent calendar on it, so that there was an element of surprise as to what game would pop up.  THAT part got you all excited.

 photo 20160901_101555-001_zpszqc7d1u4.jpg

And of course, there's all the doodling too...

 photo 20160901_100211-001_zpsjxj22qra.jpg

And sometimes we start off like this...

 photo 20160831_105045-001_zpsuucuomwz.jpg

We progress to this...

 photo 20160831_105109-001_zpsxvsnvimj.jpg

and end up like THIS.

 photo 20160831_105118-001_zps4mplmaqk.jpg

But hey, we still get the work done and learn and have fun too :)

 photo 20160831_105051-001_zpsxyfp4iwr.jpg

We also did a scientific experiment.. in the little sink in one of the RV toilets.  You were quite thrilled to get to do some hands on stuff.

We started with our hypothesis that objects needed to be in the center of the "lily pad" for balance, and not sink.

 photo Aug 31 Lily Pad Science Experiment_zpshlq34ixm.jpg

Then, we started placing the animals on different parts of our lily pad to see what would happen..

 photo Aug 31 Lily Pad Science Experiment1_zpswdcbegqx.jpg

and then of course, at the end of the lesson, there is usually chaos and mayhem :)

 photo Aug 31 Lily Pad Science Experiment2_zpsxhtqw8pd.jpg

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