Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Parkour. You know, like in Minecraft.......

There is a "less traveled" aisle at HEB, i.e. the hardware aisle - you know, where they sell pots and pans and kitchen utensils and whatnot.

On the floor of that aisle, are white rectangles which break up the more "milky cream" of the tiles.  THIS is where you like to practice your Parkour moves, a-la Minecraft.

 photo 20160819_131524-001_zpsrclahomk.jpg

You might not hit the white tiles all of the time, but at least don't have to land with a bump like in Minecraft.

 photo 20160819_131527-001_zps84pqb2fw.jpg

I think that for you, it is welcome break from all the "uninteresting" grocery shopping :)

 photo 20160819_131529-001_zpsk9tkg0wd.jpg

 photo 20160819_131605-001_zpsmpgcvtlu.jpg

 photo 20160819_131619-001_zpsbmouonrm.jpg

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