Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Grade 2 Week 7

We continue to read and read and read some more! When you are up before I am ( which is more often than not ), you grab some books and quietly read away until I finally DO come out of the room. :)

This week, the new display at the library was of fossils, and we stopped to take a look and read some of the interesting facts about them.

They were also having a "make and take" event in conjunction with the Halloween season, and you are never one to say no to a chance at some Arts and Crafts!

Nor do you ever let a "head in a carboard thingy" opportunity go by without a picture.

We played lots of Uno Tippo this week, and you quickly caught on and started winning all over the place.

McMurry had their homecoming and we managed to catch their teepees while they were still up, even though the people manning them had gone off for lunch or something.  It was still fun crawling into each of them and snooping around learning how the Indians might have lived.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


We don't have a Han Solo figurine, much less one in Carbonite.  But you saw the potential for a parody with your Minecraft toys.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Grade 2 Week 6

The weather is finally getting just a hair cooler, and we've been trying to be outside more.

 photo Oct 06 Timelapse and Bike Ride1_zpsgnsxlpuq.jpg

 photo Oct 06 Timelapse and Bike Ride_zps4ok4p7er.jpg

School has been going along well, and we are learning and growing..

 photo Sept 28 School and Uno_zpsb8fxpwsx.jpg

we've been playing Scrabble Junior.. we tried to play "regular" Scrabble, but thought we'd stick with the Junior version for now.

 photo Sept 28 School and Uno1_zpsczgujwla.jpg

We re-watched some old episodes of Salsa on PBS to brush up on our vocabulary..

 photo Sept 29 School_zpst4c5qlem.jpg

And you ALWAYS love Science Lab time..

 photo Sept 29 School1_zpsdb0qinvb.jpg

We learned about seeds...

 photo Sept 29 School2_zpssacbfnqf.jpg

 photo Sept 29 School3_zpshwcjmwsi.jpg

and had fun eating some of the specimens...

 photo Sept 29 School4_zpsiwrthsrv.jpg

 photo Sept 29 School5_zpsyxltbqvs.jpg

 photo Sept 29 School6_zpsgylvmnhl.jpg

We learnt about our community..

 photo Oct 03 School_zpsd4vznnp9.jpg

and our country..

 photo Oct 05 School2_zpsmlargrao.jpg

even if you have unconventional ways of concentrating on school work.

 photo Oct 03 School1_zpshonwkms5.jpg

We started using Lamb's Book for art.

 photo Oct 05 School_zpscb8ymmcx.jpg

and you remain strong at Math.

 photo Oct 05 School1_zps2mimzcmk.jpg

 photo Sept 30 Library Books2_zpsc278njdg.jpg

 photo Sept 30 Library Books1_zpsqqmrmaxp.jpg

 photo Sept 30 Library Books_zpsftkh1ng2.jpg

Friday, October 7, 2016

Grade 2 Week 5

More glimpses into homeschool life....

 photo Sept 21 School_zpsbi6wgux5.jpg

 photo Sept 21 School1_zpsoyluhpwt.jpg

 photo Sept 21 School2_zpszc0vgvio.jpg

 photo Sept 21 School3_zpskabweiwx.jpg

 photo Sept 21 School4_zpsss0zsyt3.jpg

 photo Sept 21 School5_zpsdimcy0jk.jpg

 photo Sept 21 School6_zpsxwmckrhm.jpg

 photo Sept 21 School7_zpso8hgg8ci.jpg

 photo Sept 21 School8_zpsi4otknk4.jpg

 photo Sept 21 School9_zpsz9bquvdz.jpg

 photo Sept 23 Library Books_zpsochkxovi.jpg

 photo Sept 23 Library Books1_zpsojakbeeb.jpg

 photo Sept 23 Library Books2_zpsmbwmtagy.jpg