Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Grade 2 Week 6

The weather is finally getting just a hair cooler, and we've been trying to be outside more.

 photo Oct 06 Timelapse and Bike Ride1_zpsgnsxlpuq.jpg

 photo Oct 06 Timelapse and Bike Ride_zps4ok4p7er.jpg

School has been going along well, and we are learning and growing..

 photo Sept 28 School and Uno_zpsb8fxpwsx.jpg

we've been playing Scrabble Junior.. we tried to play "regular" Scrabble, but thought we'd stick with the Junior version for now.

 photo Sept 28 School and Uno1_zpsczgujwla.jpg

We re-watched some old episodes of Salsa on PBS to brush up on our vocabulary..

 photo Sept 29 School_zpst4c5qlem.jpg

And you ALWAYS love Science Lab time..

 photo Sept 29 School1_zpsdb0qinvb.jpg

We learned about seeds...

 photo Sept 29 School2_zpssacbfnqf.jpg

 photo Sept 29 School3_zpshwcjmwsi.jpg

and had fun eating some of the specimens...

 photo Sept 29 School4_zpsiwrthsrv.jpg

 photo Sept 29 School5_zpsyxltbqvs.jpg

 photo Sept 29 School6_zpsgylvmnhl.jpg

We learnt about our community..

 photo Oct 03 School_zpsd4vznnp9.jpg

and our country..

 photo Oct 05 School2_zpsmlargrao.jpg

even if you have unconventional ways of concentrating on school work.

 photo Oct 03 School1_zpshonwkms5.jpg

We started using Lamb's Book for art.

 photo Oct 05 School_zpscb8ymmcx.jpg

and you remain strong at Math.

 photo Oct 05 School1_zps2mimzcmk.jpg

 photo Sept 30 Library Books2_zpsc278njdg.jpg

 photo Sept 30 Library Books1_zpsqqmrmaxp.jpg

 photo Sept 30 Library Books_zpsftkh1ng2.jpg

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