Wednesday, October 18, 2017

G3 W4 Tra La La!!!

Yes, Captain Underpants. You gotta love the guy.
Sept 10 G2 W4-001
And who should we see in Walmart but The Man himself!
Cue: Photo Op.
Sept 10 G2 W42-001
We also started on the Weird School series, and you're liking them so far.
Sept 10 G2 W41-001
Sept 10 G2 W43-001
Sept 10 G2 W44-001
We also got the Magformers out and you were pretty good at making a truck!
Sept 10 G2 W45-001

Sept 10 G2 W46-001
You made a few more projects and got my phone to document them :)
Sept 10 G2 W47-001
We got the Tangrams out as well
Sept 10 G2 W48-001
Seems like this was the week of dusting off less-played-with games :)
Sept 10 G2 W49-001

Sept 10 G2 W410-001

Sept 10 G2 W411-001

Sept 10 G2 W412-001
Of course, there was also some somberness this week, but it was important that we remembered.
Sept 10 G2 W413-001
Also, it was Uncle Lin's birthday! 
Sept 10 G2 W414-001
You made him the cutest little card :)
Sept 10 G2 W415-001
We love you, little man :)
Sept 10 G2 W416-001

Friday, October 13, 2017

G3 W3 The one with the Moustache

Are you just as unsurprised as I am to see Captain Underpants anything on here at all?
Sept 03 G2 W3-001
Sept 03 G2 W31-001
Sept 03 G2 W32-001
This week, you completed the first All-in-One Piano Book, and we embarked on Book 2!
Sept 03 G2 W33-001
You asked to make a puppet from one of the books we had borrowed from the library, and thank goodness our printer is also a scanner/photocopier which meant I could duplicate the page you wanted.
Sept 03 G2 W34-001
Also, we made GACK this week!
Sept 03 G2 W35-001
Sept 03 G2 W36-001
Sept 03 G2 W37-001
There were some casualties, of course. Namely, a lego man, and your shirt.
A little bit of googling and vinegar later, your t shirt was good as new :)
Sept 03 G2 W38-001
Another exciting thing was that while we were out getting the mail, the trash came.
It was pretty exciting for you to see how the contraption on the truck worked to pick the trashcan up and empty it.
Sept 03 G2 W39-001
And then, of course, we have the creepy Mario moustache. :P
Sept 03 G2 W310-001

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Current Favorite TV Show in The World

"Mommy, I have memorized the entire Duck Tales theme song, including the 'extended edition' parts!"

Friday, October 6, 2017

G3 W2 aka Farm Kids

I can't remember what brought it up, but you requested we borrow the Ninja Cowboy Bear books again :) I think they're adorable, and you like the Ninja Cowboy Bear game at the end of the book.
August 27 G2 W2
We also had the usual Dav Pilkey fare besides learning about more serious subjects.
August 27 G2 W21
We continued learning about other cultures
August 27 G2 W22
and revisited some more familiar ones as well.
August 27 G2 W23
I love getting to enjoy and explore new stories with you,and seeing them through your eyes.
August 27 G2 W24
August 27 G2 W25
Have I mentioned I introduced you to Calvin and Hobbes and you fell in love? :)
August 27 G2 W26
A special treat this week was Maddie visiting her Pop Pop next door before her school term started.  You also made a new friend - his name escapes me now - but he was quite friendly.
August 27 G2 W27
You guys had a grand time on the trampoline, playing The Bottle Challenge and petting the horses.
August 27 G2 W28

August 27 G2 W29

August 27 G2 W210

August 27 G2 W211

August 27 G2 W212
We also brought out the Circuit set again for you to tinker with, which you appreciated.
August 27 G2 W213
You love wearing your Goggles and hey, if there's no harm done, what the hey.
August 27 G2 W214

August 27 G2 W215
You thought that it was hilarious when you noticed how the description for a photo on one of our online books was different from what it actually was. :)
August 27 G2 W216
Last but not least, can I say I am at least a little bit envious of you being able to share a loveseat with Chris Pratt!?
August 27 G2 W217

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

G3 W1 aka 3rd Grade!

Who's in 3rd Grade? This l'il munchkin!
( who isn't so little anymore, btw )
August 20 G2 W15-001
That hair grows at an even faster rate than the rest of you!
August 20 G2 W16-001

Just so our heart strings get tugged a little, let's take a walk down memory lane...

Are you ready?

2nd grade

1st grade



pre preschool

pre pre preschool

pre pre pre preschool


And if THAT didn't get ya, here's a TIMELINE!

We can't go through a week without borrowing something or several somethings of Dav Pilkey's.
August 20 G2 W1-001
You also revisited some of Piggy and Gerald, that you absolutely ADORED when you were younger.
August 20 G2 W11-001
You picked a few Underdog DVDs, which were excellent,
August 20 G2 W12-001
and we continued to read about different cultures and how people live in different countries and their histories through story.
August 20 G2 W13-001
August 20 G2 W14-001
You asked to do the VR again this week, and we did it for a few minutes.  You look bored and as if you were FORCED to do this, but I think I just took the pics at a bad moment.
August 20 G2 W17-001

Oh, and we broke out the Snap Circuits Jr. that I got you for Christmas. 
August 20 G2 W18-001

You were like, "WOAHHHH"
August 20 G2 W19-001

You couldn't wait to get your hands on the different parts.
August 20 G2 W110-001

I think it is safe to say that you enjoyed the little introduction to electricity and circuits.
August 20 G2 W111-001

And finally, we leave you with a Lego Pizza with a slice cut out, just because.
August 20 G2 W112-002