Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Grade 2 Week 41 ( May 28 - June 3 )

We borrowed a bunch more books this week, and hey, Poh Poh loves our selection.  She reads along with you every single day.

She now has  a whole new outlook on comics and juvenile literature, and even enjoy them!

She has been coming to the library with us, and hey, even got to pose in front of Dinosaur Bob!

We had to find some things for Aunt Joanna and ended up stopping by Bed Bath and Beyond,

and Ross, where Poh Poh modeled some pretty jazzy gold shoes.

It was Memorial Day Weekend, and we took a drive down to the Fort Phantom area to go by the Veterans Cemetery and Sea Bee Park.

Usually there's no one there, but this time, there were a couple of guys flying their helicopters there!

While Daddy was busy discussing "flight mechanics" with the guys, you and Poh Poh had some fun with the "Roti Canai Massage"

and Fake Flying.

One of the guys decided to show off some of his mad skillz while we were there so we wouldn't go away disappointed. And it was some serious stuff.

It started drizzling in parts as we made our way over to The Lake

At the boat dock, we spied a few young men catching little fish to use as bait.  They were sweet enough to empty their bucket to show us curious onlookers what they had caught.

We managed to get a trip to the Umbrella Park in while Poh Poh was here,

and she especially loved the greenery and the flowers

We did spy a lonely and lost pair of pants, which then prompted a string of, "Honey, Where's My Pants??" from the both of us.

We have the exact same photo of you squeezing into the #6 car when you were much younger...and when we looked back at that, we noticed that the playground equipment had faded a lot.

Then, on a whim, Daddy brought us to go watch Captain Underpants 3D! It was your first time in a movie theater,

and you wanted to explore every nook and cranny of the one we were in.

After that, was a Burrito dinner at Sharkey's,

followed by a post dinner walk over at ACU.

Can you tell how much you loved having Poh Poh around? She absolutely adored you as well. :)

As usual, we had a bunch of yummy food with amazing company

and played a bunch of hilarious games. Or rather, a bunch of games with hilarious outcomes.

Poh Poh also often took walks around the property, and you often went along with her, getting the papers and the mail.

You got to introduce Poh Poh to Maddie and get some trampoline time in before the weather turned.

And now there's TWO people reading under the table while waiting for our food at Sunrise.

I found a bird's egg laying on the ground the other day while out walking the dogs. We were trying to identify what it was, and narrowed it down to a few candidates.  Unfortunately, Poh Poh dropped it on a hard surface while she was trying to take a closer look at it. She felt terrible, but we told her it was okay and not to feel bad as it probably wasn't fertilized anyway.

Once again, stay gold, little boy.