Thursday, January 19, 2017

Grade 2 Week 19

We tried to learn a little more about Hanukkah this week, as we (sadly ) started to leave Christmas behind......
 photo Dec 26 Week 19-001_zps3wby1dx3.jpg
 photo Dec 26 Week 191-001_zpsjnaogehz.jpg
 photo Dec 26 Week 192-001_zps7tdh7hat.jpg
Cast of Characters for the Season :
The New Year Baby : Teddy
Christmas Elf : Small Pig
The Old Year : Medium Pig
Abominable Snow Man : Big Pig
 photo Dec 26 Week 193-001_zpsfbxl1wss.jpg
Finger Menorah
 photo Dec 26 Week 199-001_zpse8upzobr.jpg
Potato Latkes
 photo Dec 26 Week 198-001_zpsxf2lwa7c.jpg
Dreidel Game
 photo Dec 26 Week 197-002_zpsnkxvjdn7.jpg
All these Hanukkah Bear stories....
 photo Dec 26 Week 196-001_zpsxb4ulqph.jpg
We continued our Spanish Lessons with Snr. Cano, and you love the new game she has introduced, "Simón dice" to practice "las partes de mi cuerpo".
 photo Dec 26 Week 1910-002_zpshy27usaw.jpg
You practised the Dominoes Stacking Trick Uncle Lin taught you, and hey presto, SUCCESS!
 photo Dec 26 Week 194-001_zps6bgop3ds.jpg
And then of course, there is the disappointment when your work of art comes crashing down.
 photo Dec 26 Week 195-001_zpsmhrxa55z.jpg
Never fear, "If at first you don't succeed, Try Try again!"

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sick Day

You had really wanted to go March across the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge today to celebrate his legacy, but unfortunately, you woke up feeling really bad.

You had a temperature and threw up a few times, poor baby.  So instead, we stayed in bed, read and watched cartoons.

You are rarely sick, so when you do get sick, your daddy and I probably worry a bunch more than we should.  Nevertheless, you have been a real trooper. Get well soon, little boy. We love you muchly.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

HEB PayOff

We always make sure we get some Buddy Bucks whenever we are at HEB.  Mostly, we get a few points here and there, but last week while playing with Cindy, you got Instant Winner! And it wasn't just ANY kind of namby pamby prize, it was a White Board with Marker, which was an awesome prize, because who loves doodling/drawing more than you? :)
 photo 20170106_201335-001_zpsrfedss9r.jpg

Pride & Achievement

We dug out an old jigsaw puzzle that had been somehow overlooked, and you started working on it with gusto.
 photo 20170109_202158_zpswetrdxj7.jpg
You were so proud when  you were done, that you asked for my phone to take a picture :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Grade 2 Week 18

This week wasn't particularly eventful school-wise, what with getting Christmassy stuff ready and whatnot..

Mommy got Firefly, and you got Stella.
 photo Dec 23 Week 182_zpsmfgixygu.jpg
We continued the Christmassy theme,
 photo Dec 23 Week 181_zpsuyrtfkyn.jpg
and you thought that the Uncle Stinky series was hilarious.
 photo Dec 23 Week 18_zpssekjdhsa.jpg
We DID play some board games, though.   And we brought out a birthday present that you hadn' t played in a while, and had a fun fun time!
 photo Dec 23 Week 183_zpskmxi6cxt.jpg

Monday, January 9, 2017

Grade 2 Week 17

Yes, this week we learned a bit more about Fish.
 photo Dec 12 Week 17-001_zpseoqaofmn.jpg
And spent more time reading Christmas stories,
 photo Dec 12 Week 171-001_zps44bcheiv.jpg
 photo Dec 12 Week 172-001_zpszdahb34v.jpg
and some just for fun.
 photo Dec 12 Week 173-001_zps3x4q2wbv.jpg
 photo Dec 12 Week 174-001_zpsz4ozkogh.jpg
For a couple of days, the weather was surprisingly warm, and so we were able to get out and throw / hit some balls.
 photo Dec 12 Week 175-001_zps5txdlgtm.jpg
We tried our hand at making snow flakes...
 photo Dec 12 Week 176-001_zpsshxqyzvp.jpg
and you made good use of the different leaves we collected over the fall.
 photo Dec 12 Week 177-001_zps0ffmflvz.jpg
 photo Dec 12 Week 178-001_zpsmm0vfu6k.jpg
 photo Dec 12 Week 179-001_zpsfoour0ux.jpg
You were quite proud of all of your creations :)
 photo Dec 12 Week 1710-001_zpsrosssqlc.jpg
We also made "ornaments" for the Hand Tree we put up on the wall.
 photo Dec 12 Week 1711-001_zps3hlp4xi1.jpg
 photo Dec 12 Week 1713-001_zpsttkubqip.jpg

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Grade 2 Week 16

The Christmas and Winter theme continues...
 photo Dec 03 Week 16_zpsjclmsjho.jpg
As well as reptiles, amphibians etc..
 photo Dec 03 Week 161_zpsfgchmima.jpg
 photo Dec 03 Week 162_zpsufflkvrg.jpg
You love Scooby Doo and Martha Speaks..
 photo Dec 03 Week 163_zpsgdrymzbi.jpg
 photo Dec 03 Week 164_zpsytglhmyw.jpg
When I was at Bible Class, Sophie and her mom dropped by Church, and had a grand time with you!
 photo Dec 03 Week 165_zpsmpmcda9y.jpg
You kept her entertained, and she appeared to want to record it all!
 photo Dec 03 Week 166_zpsiwyhbaf1.jpg
Then we went on to the Library, and they were having craft time, which you love.
 photo Dec 03 Week 167_zpspg2p6tpe.jpg
Little Sophie and her mom came along, and wanted to hang out with you. It was so sweet.
 photo Dec 03 Week 168_zpsgjtqrumz.jpg
We managed to get some playground time in as the weather wasn't horrendous,
 photo Dec 03 Week 169_zpsxjtbbu59.jpg
and it was lovely with all the leaves changing colors and whatnot.
 photo Dec 03 Week 1610_zpsjqinmjc4.jpg
Hurray for Cindy being there, while wrangling her coffee the whole time :)
 photo Dec 03 Week 1611_zps6vkqlb0r.jpg
You wanted to do something with the egg cartons we were going to recycle,
 photo Dec 03 Week 1612_zpsqqhe4nuu.jpg
and so we picked out some Pentatonix Christmas Playlist on Youtube and got to work.
 photo Dec 03 Week 1613_zps09shi8op.jpg
You picked an alligator, and we got to work.
 photo Dec 03 Week 1614_zpsaxqhi0jw.jpg
There was the usual Math Grind,
 photo Dec 03 Week 1615_zpsovtqhnk0.jpg
Social Studies - we learned briefly about Pearl Harbor Day.
 photo Dec 03 Week 1616_zpswjzhs2em.jpg
 photo Dec 03 Week 1617_zps9rzozraz.jpg
As usual, we had a captive audience.  They needed to keep warm too.
 photo Dec 03 Week 1618_zps5j1fjcrn.jpg
We continued science with different animal groups,
 photo Dec 03 Week 1619_zpshafpkvkw.jpg
 photo Dec 03 Week 1620_zpsupwriime.jpg
and even got Cindy into using the computers at the Lib;0rary! Now she is totally intrigued with Tomie DePaola. 
 photo Dec 03 Week 1625_zps5mrl8qfb.jpg
 photo Dec 03 Week 1626_zpsy7hjl1ge.jpg