Friday, January 6, 2017

Grade 2 Week 15

I like how there are books that have lessons/learning hidden in them :)
 photo Nov 28 Week 15-001_zpsxubtekuq.jpg
And then, there are those that are just for fun :)
 photo Nov 28 Week 151-001_zpsbmfaewge.jpg
We were continuing our Scooby Doo binge as well.
 photo Nov 28 Week 152-001_zpsszyy2i3c.jpg
We were learning about reptiles this week, so naturally....
 photo Nov 28 Week 153-001_zpsmwky8erz.jpg
 photo Nov 28 Week 154-001_zps6xpsnowb.jpg
We used Sharpies and a water-filled spray bottle on some paper towels and then cut Chameleon shapes out of them.
 photo Nov 28 Week 155-001_zpsqyqsrpor.jpg
We did some other crafts as well, including another Chameleon thingy,
 photo Nov 28 Week 156-001_zpsmvhv9msx.jpg
And then we embarked on a pretty massive Salt Dough project over the next few days.
 photo Nov 28 Week 157-001_zpsq3m6olca.jpg
You wanted to be all hands on with the project, 
 photo Nov 28 Week 158-001_zpsnscdxvtm.jpg
and even volunteered to knead :)
 photo Nov 28 Week 159-001_zpsqub68pnq.jpg
We made several characters, and poked a straw into some of them to make as Christmas Ornaments.
 photo Nov 28 Week 1510-001_zpsrxioeaiu.jpg
For some reason, even though this photo is super Out Of Focus, I LOVE IT!
 photo Nov 28 Week 1511-001_zpsowl3krtf.jpg
I mean, look at that proud beaming face.
 photo Nov 28 Week 1512-001_zpswehq9bl2.jpg
Then, while I brought the dough over to the oven to dry for a bit.  In the meantime, we drew :)
 photo Nov 28 Week 1513-001_zpsmngkd3mk.jpg
The Salt Dough animals and ornaments turned out great :)
 photo Nov 28 Week 1514-001_zpsjf98nwz6.jpg
Last step was the painting, which you love to do, and which we need to do more often.
 photo Nov 28 Week 1515-001_zps9ivi06ox.jpg
 photo Nov 28 Week 1516-001_zpsz2i16tvc.jpg
I painted some, you painted some, and I think we nailed it. :)
 photo Nov 28 Week 1517-001_zps6egxw3qa.jpg

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