Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Grade 2 Week 18

This week wasn't particularly eventful school-wise, what with getting Christmassy stuff ready and whatnot..

Mommy got Firefly, and you got Stella.
 photo Dec 23 Week 182_zpsmfgixygu.jpg
We continued the Christmassy theme,
 photo Dec 23 Week 181_zpsuyrtfkyn.jpg
and you thought that the Uncle Stinky series was hilarious.
 photo Dec 23 Week 18_zpssekjdhsa.jpg
We DID play some board games, though.   And we brought out a birthday present that you hadn' t played in a while, and had a fun fun time!
 photo Dec 23 Week 183_zpskmxi6cxt.jpg

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