Thursday, March 9, 2017

Grade 2 Week 21

Notice the really long absence?

I hadn't been well on and off for a bit, and then I somehow hurt my back really badly at some point. It's been getting better slowly, but I still can't sit or stand for all that long.

ANYWAY, it's been so long that I can't really remember all that much more about what we did on a certain week and I will be just relying heavily on the pics that I have.

This was back in January, so we were still in the throes of winter. Yeah, right.  I mean, we had some flurries like twice this winter, both times where there was NO accumulation whatsoever.

You were very disappointed.

BUT we still kept to the Winter and Snow theme in our library books.
 photo Jan 11 Week 21-001_zpsjee1ocaj.jpg
 photo Jan 11 Week 211-001_zpsgjou9iod.jpg
 photo Jan 11 Week 212-001_zps0vtzupk8.jpg
We learned a bit about landforms and watched a video on Volcanoes,
 photo Jan 11 Week 213-001_zpsogd7w5to.jpg
and FINALLY we got to do The Volcano Project.
 photo Jan 11 Week 214-001_zps0f6v6esd.jpg
You wanted to do every step,
 photo Jan 11 Week 215-001_zpswelcrfbf.jpg
and look at that face.. you were just over delighted. And insisted on doing the experiment OVER and OVER and OVER. :)
 photo Jan 11 Week 216-001_zpsyammgaab.jpg
We also did some art with our chalk pastels, using the book Snowmen at Night as a teacher.
 photo Jan 11 Week 217-001_zpsrxgpxffq.jpg
We did shadows, shading, composition..
 photo Jan 11 Week 218-001_zpsljmocrlx.jpg
and I think you did super well.
 photo Jan 11 Week 219-001_zpsjabdficx.jpg
and then of course, you wanted to work more with the pastels,
 photo Jan 11 Week 2110-001_zpsqetinlqm.jpg
We read and talked about MLK Jr., 
 photo Jan 11 Week 2111-001_zpspa4pqk37.jpg
and did a fantastic craft project copied from a pin from Pinterest.
 photo Jan 11 Week 2112-001_zpspveepwtz.jpg

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