Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Grade 2 Week 22

We were still on our winter/snow kick, sort of out of obligation to the season, even though winter seemed to have bypassed our region.
 photo Jan 18 Week 22_zps3owm2wdy.jpg
 photo Jan 18 Week 221_zpslcnlst6r.jpg
We watched the animated series, Revolting Rhymes, and so I thought I would borrow the book from the library so that we could read it together.
 photo Jan 18 Week 222_zpspws3ys8n.jpg
 photo Jan 18 Week 223_zpsjrtw7kf2.jpg
We are continuing our Spanish studies, and you are loving the lessons..
 photo Jan 18 Week 224_zpsnasw2gcs.jpg
We did rocks in Science this week, and as always, you love relating what we study in school with the world around you.  We went outside to collect a wide variety of rocks and proceeded to examine, sort and draw them.
 photo Jan 18 Week 225_zpsbo9ibd3e.jpg
 photo Jan 18 Week 226_zpsxqw8en3n.jpg
It wasn't all work either. Daddy stopped by the park so you could work off some of that boy energy :)
 photo Jan 18 Week 227_zpswjdvh1qw.jpg
 photo Jan 18 Week 228_zpsxyeuh2kt.jpg

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