Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Grade 2 Week 23

Hurray, More Books! We had some pretty funny ones this week :)
 photo Jan 27 Week 23_zpsfzyzek7j.jpg
 photo Jan 27 Week 231_zpslvrh2una.jpg
 photo Jan 27 Week 232_zpscewakkx6.jpg
It was the Chinese New Year season, and so you asked me for some red paper and went off to construct your own huge lantern/firework thingy.

You have been doing quite a bit of that lately - using paper, sticky tape and glue to make all kinds of craftiness :)
 photo Jan 27 Week 233_zpsg5xhyk55.jpg
We had some leftover CNY stickers from some years ago, which you used to make a Chinese New Year card.
 photo Jan 27 Week 234_zpsyvq9tn5b.jpg
and we made fortune telling dragons, which you had a grand time playing with. :)
 photo Jan 27 Week 235_zpspuifbyyr.jpg

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