Saturday, April 15, 2017

Grade 2 Week 28

You have read soooo many more books and stories at your young age than a vast majority of people out there of your age or considerably older.  I used to browse row after row of shelves at the library of the Universities I attended, picking out books on just about every/any topic imaginable.  But you have squashed the number of books that I have read by leaps and bounds.
March 03 Week 28-001
March 03 Week 281-002
March 03 Week 282-001
Daddy got you an early birthday gift, but couldn't help presenting it to you one afternoon after lunch.
Just look at that concentration while undoing the wrapping paper.
March 03 Week 283-001
March 03 Week 284-001
Oh yes, then there's that pesky bubble wrap still.
March 03 Week 285-001
Ooooo Look at that coy little smile.:)
March 03 Week 286-001
When our library day coincides with Arts and Crafts Day, you love to take part and work diligently at whatever the project of the day might be.
March 03 Week 287-001
You are often also the biggest child there, but who cares, aye? :)
March 03 Week 288-001
As long as you love to learn and make and craft, I will never stifle any of that. :)
March 03 Week 289-001
Oh, last but not least, you gained a new cousin, and here's your welcome gift for the little guy :)
March 03 Week 2810-001

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