Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Grade 2 Week 34

When we like something, we LIKE something :P
April 14 Week 34-001
Like the Commander Toad and Nate The Great books.
April 14 Week 341-001
We also learned more about the world around us,
April 14 Week 342-001
as well as indulged in some silliness.
April 14 Week 343-001
April 14 Week 344-001
I found a Babar color the dots thingy book, and you had fun with a few pages.
April 14 Week 345-001
In fact, you are such a little artist, one of your favorite past times is drawing, sketching & doodling.
April 14 Week 346-001
Your other love, as you know, is reading.  We got to meet up with Mary and a friend of hers at the library this week.
Then you roped Lizzie the Lizard into a Minecraft Card Game.
April 14 Week 348-001
You walked the dog a few times on your own this week, which was so big-boyish.
April 14 Week 349-001
and speaking of BIG, we were compelled to get these huge soft pretzels, which seemed to disappear in record time :)
April 14 Week 3410-001

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Grade 2 Week 33

We try to keep our reading material diversified,
April 07 Week 33-001
and for now, you have been very receptive to just every book that we borrow.  Most of the time, you are happy for me to pick the books out, but sometimes you will hand me a book or two that had caught your eye.
April 07 Week 331-001
We also try to learn about important people and how they affected the world we live in today.
April 07 Week 332-001
For this particular week, the Stikbot that you got for your birthday saw a lot of action :)
April 07 Week 333-001
They were up to all kinds of antics. :)
April 07 Week 334-001
April 07 Week 335-001
One even went all Star Wars on us.
April 07 Week 336-001
You still had stikbot on the brain at Bible Class later that week.
April 07 Week 337-001
We discovered planking while watching movies,
April 07 Week 338-001
After watching Rogue One, we found that there was a HUGE display at Walmart.  Now how are we going to resist that, huh?
April 07 Week 339-001
You look a lot like your Aunt Marsha in these photos :)
April 07 Week 3310-001
Here's you loving your Cosmic Carrot :)
April 07 Week 3311-001
And the time we did Spanish in bed...
April 07 Week 3312-001
and joined in with the little ones to make some Art.
April 07 Week 3313-001
And how we delighted in a tiny acorn that had a huge cap :)
April 07 Week 3314-001
Or marveling in the magic of an ice arch :)
April 07 Week 3315-001

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Grade 2 Week 32

Nate the Great! Nate the Great!
March 31 Week 32-001
March 31 Week 321-001
It hasn't been too exciting around here, plus like I said, school has been slow since we've been super busy lately - still doing some, just not at the rate that we were.

This photo below is us waiting at the gazebos at Lowe's while waiting for Daddy :)  It was a good thing I had a snack in my purse. We were hungry.
March 31 Week 322-001

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Grade 2 Week 31

That week, we introduced you to the world of the Boxcar Children.
They were the abridged versions, and you went through them at lightning speed.
March 20 Week 31-001
We were still on a Nate the Great binge, and revisited some Dr. Seuss & whatnot.
March 20 Week 311-001
Oh, and you can tell by the books that we borrowed, that I am quite late in posting these.
Not really much of an excuse except that I have been super busy of late.
March 20 Week 312-001
March 20 Week 313-001
A random breakfast.
March 20 Week 314-001
Time for some craftiness :)
March 20 Week 315-001

Monday, May 22, 2017

Grade 2 Week 30

March 16 Week 30-001
March 16 Week 301-001
Especially silly ones.
March 16 Week 303-001
And I have been super busy lately, and so we have had to have school wherever.
March 16 Week 302-001
I dug back out the little yellow portable desk and you have been using it a lot.
March 16 Week 304-001
I've also decided I need to be in more of the photos that YOU are in, regardless of how I THINK I look.
March 16 Week 305-001

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Grade 2 Week 29

Read Read Read
March 06 Week 29
March 06 Week 291
March 06 Week 292
March 06 Week 293
March 06 Week 294
March 06 Week 295
Adventures in Folding Clothes...
March 06 Week 296
And Cereal Faces...
March 06 Week 297