Thursday, June 29, 2017

Grade 2 Week 42 ( June 4th - 10th )

This was a pretty distressing week for you in some ways as you tried to come to terms with Poh Poh having to leave about a week and a half early due to some unforseen circumstances with Aunt Winnie's parents.
June 04 Week 42-001
You were very brave even though you did get tearful and sad.
June 04 Week 421-001
We drove Poh Poh to DFW for her direct flight to Richmond, and you at least got to spend a few more hours with her that day.
June 04 Week 422-001
Your face as she entered the restricted area, though......
June 04 Week 423-001
We stopped by Furr's for some food and saw THIS sign. I dunno. It's just funny to me.
June 04 Week 424-001
This is you tuckered out after a long trip and some Costco-ing.
June 04 Week 425-001
We ran into the worst storm on our way home. Visibility for a while there was almost zero.
June 04 Week 426-001
Luckily, we drove out of it but the clouds were still scary looking.
June 04 Week 427-001
The next morning, the lack of Poh Poh-ness was palpable. :(
June 04 Week 428-001
When you were playing Kinect, you decided to make Poh Poh an avatar.
June 04 Week 429-001
When we did our shopping at Walmart that week, we actually FOUND the V.I.Poo product that had caused many a giggle in our home.
June 04 Week 4210-001
AND someone lost another tooth! This time it was the left top 2nd incisor.
June 04 Week 4211-001
Our library selection this week included the brilliant Patricia Polacco,
June 04 Week 4212-001
The Flying Beaver Brothers collection, 
June 04 Week 4213-001
Dav Pilkey's masterpieces,
June 04 Week 4214-001
Berenstain Bears and Dr. Seuss,
June 04 Week 4215-001
Jeffrey Brown and others.
June 04 Week 4216-001
We were surprised by a LIVE! radio show at the library when we got there this week,
June 04 Week 4217-001
and Daddy accompanied you up there while I got the books for the week.
June 04 Week 4218-001
You even got to do a little craft thingy!
June 04 Week 4219-001
And here you are reading under the table again. This time, it was a super intriguing book that was a "choose your own ending" type, except there were like hundreds of options!
June 04 Week 4220-001
AND, the Asian in you loves Prawn Crackers :)
June 04 Week 4221-001
Also, this photo speaks for itself as to what you like to do with Styrofoam cups.
June 04 Week 4223-001

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Grade 2 Week 41 ( May 28 - June 3 )

We borrowed a bunch more books this week, and hey, Poh Poh loves our selection.  She reads along with you every single day.
May 28 Week 4116-001
May 28 Week 4117-001
May 28 Week 4118-001
May 28 Week 4119-001
May 28 Week 4120-001
May 28 Week 4121-001
She now has  a whole new outlook on comics and juvenile literature, and even enjoy them!
May 28 Week 4122-001
May 28 Week 4117-001
She has been coming to the library with us, and hey, even got to pose in front of Dinosaur Bob!
May 28 Week 4123-001
We had to find some things for Aunt Joanna and ended up stopping by Bed Bath and Beyond,
May 28 Week 41-001
and Ross, where Poh Poh modeled some pretty jazzy gold shoes.
May 28 Week 411-001
It was Memorial Day Weekend, and we took a drive down to the Fort Phantom area to go by the Veterans Cemetery and Sea Bee Park.
May 28 Week 412-001
Usually there's no one there, but this time, there were a couple of guys flying their helicopters there!
May 28 Week 413-001
While Daddy was busy discussing "flight mechanics" with the guys, you and Poh Poh had some fun with the "Roti Canai Massage"
May 28 Week 414-002
and Fake Flying.
May 28 Week 415-001
One of the guys decided to show off some of his mad skillz while we were there so we wouldn't go away disappointed. And it was some serious stuff.
May 28 Week 416-001
It started drizzling in parts as we made our way over to The Lake
May 28 Week 417-001
At the boat dock, we spied a few young men catching little fish to use as bait.  They were sweet enough to empty their bucket to show us curious onlookers what they had caught.
May 28 Week 418-001
May 28 Week 419-001
May 28 Week 4110-001
May 28 Week 4111-002
We managed to get a trip to the Umbrella Park in while Poh Poh was here,
May 28 Week 4133-002
May 28 Week 4134-001

May 28 Week 4136-001
and she especially loved the greenery and the flowers

We did spy a lonely and lost pair of pants, which then prompted a string of, "Honey, Where's My Pants??" from the both of us.
May 28 Week 4138-001
We have the exact same photo of you squeezing into the #6 car when you were much younger...and when we looked back at that, we noticed that the playground equipment had faded a lot.
May 28 Week 4140-001
May 28 Week 4139-001
Then, on a whim, Daddy brought us to go watch Captain Underpants 3D! It was your first time in a movie theater,
May 28 Week 4142-001
and you wanted to explore every nook and cranny of the one we were in.
May 28 Week 4143-001
May 28 Week 4144-001
After that, was a Burrito dinner at Sharkey's,
May 28 Week 4145-001
followed by a post dinner walk over at ACU.
May 28 Week 4146-001
May 28 Week 4147-001
May 28 Week 4148-001
May 28 Week 4149-001
May 28 Week 4150-001
May 28 Week 4151-001
May 28 Week 4152-001
May 28 Week 4153-001
May 28 Week 4154-001
Can you tell how much you loved having Poh Poh around? She absolutely adored you as well. :)
May 28 Week 4155-001
May 28 Week 4156-001
May 28 Week 4157-001
As usual, we had a bunch of yummy food with amazing company
May 28 Week 4114-001
May 28 Week 4115-001
and played a bunch of hilarious games. Or rather, a bunch of games with hilarious outcomes.
May 28 Week 4126-001
May 28 Week 4127-001
May 28 Week 4128-001
Poh Poh also often took walks around the property, and you often went along with her, getting the papers and the mail.
May 28 Week 4129-001
May 28 Week 4130-001
May 28 Week 4141-001
You got to introduce Poh Poh to Maddie and get some trampoline time in before the weather turned.
May 28 Week 4112-001
May 28 Week 4113-001
And now there's TWO people reading under the table while waiting for our food at Sunrise.
May 28 Week 4124-001
May 28 Week 4125-001
I found a bird's egg laying on the ground the other day while out walking the dogs. We were trying to identify what it was, and narrowed it down to a few candidates.  Unfortunately, Poh Poh dropped it on a hard surface while she was trying to take a closer look at it. She felt terrible, but we told her it was okay and not to feel bad as it probably wasn't fertilized anyway.
May 28 Week 4131-001
Once again, stay gold, little boy.
May 28 Week 4132-001