Thursday, June 8, 2017

Grade 2 Week 36

Captain Underpants remains one of your favorites, as we try to expand your horizons in books.
April 24 Week 364-001
Also, you can never go wrong with Angry Birds, Star Wars or the Minions, among other things.
April 24 Week 365-001
Then, of course, there's the obligatory "A Lesson hidden in a Book" theme....
April 24 Week 366-001
As well as other things for rounding up our reading choices.
April 24 Week 367-001
You also find every opportunity to draw and doodle.
L: Snoopy and Angry Birds, M: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, R: Well, Mr. Notepad Snowman.
April 24 Week 36-001
Here's a Christmas wrapper I "re"found while I was sorting out stuff.
April 24 Week 361-001
I finally took out that Dollar Tree archaeological dig thingy for you to do.  I think it is still halfway explored in your room. Too hard, maybe?
April 24 Week 362-001
Here you are pretending to be a Truck Driver...
April 24 Week 363-001
And in this one, you're pretending to be a GiAnt. :)
April 24 Week 368-001

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