Saturday, June 10, 2017

Grade 2 Week 38 ( May 07 - May 13 )

Yes, I finally added a date to the title.  'Nuff Said.

You were intrigued by the "Jack and the Beanstalk" choose-your-own-adventure, so I got what others I could find at the library for you.
May 07 Week 38-001
And of course, there's always the staple of Dav Pilkey offerings.
May 07 Week 381-001
We still keep our horizons open to read new things, though.
May 07 Week 382-001
May 07 Week 383-001
Oh, and the two of you tried to fit some parts of your bodies into a huge boot at the library.
May 07 Week 384-001
This is also the week that we decided to try and take the training wheels off your already-too-small bike.  It didn't work too well though. We need to get a bigger bike for our growing boy.
May 07 Week 385-001
On the plus side, there was some rain, and with rain, comes Muddy Puddles.
'Nuff Said Part Deux.
May 07 Week 386-001
I also found a overlooked hard boiled Easter Egg.  I did NOT open it up to see what condition it was in. I had a hunch it might not be to my liking if I did that.
May 07 Week 388-001
And of course, there were the evening walks with Jasper and Daddy.
May 07 Week 387-001
How fast you grow, little one.
May 07 Week 389-001

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