Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Grade 2 Week 40 ( May 21 - 27 )

We continue our Quest to Read Dav Pilkey Books... with a few Strega Nonas thrown in and read in my best Italian accent at bedtime.
Poh Poh got to join us at church on Sunday, and someone pointed out Poh Poh and my outfit matched! It as quite accidental.
Then we had lunch over at Henry D's, except it isn't Henry D's now, and hasn't been for a long long time.  It really is just the deli over at United Supermarkets.
There was Play Doh playtime,
more Board Games, 
some ring toss thingy from The Pigeon Book,
and you introduced Poh Poh to the world of Kinect!
She really went all out on some of the games, for sure :)
and you shared snacks for Movie Time too.
But during the times when Poh Poh was out for a walk, or otherwise engaged, you would go back to your toys and be such a sweet boy, playing by yourself and engaging that stupendous imagination of yours.
Like this drawing within a drawing within a drawing within a drawing within a drawing.. etc etc
We revisited the Soap Snake
and had evening walks with Poh Poh.  She was still pretty wary of Jasper, even though we know he is a big sweetie :)
Poh Poh enjoyed the meals we cooked up,
and said that over the 3 weeks that she stayed with us, she gained 2 lbs!
She enjoyed the Mapo Tofu and Singapore Mai Fun at Sunrise too!
We stopped by Starbucks - something we hadn't done in quite a while since Cindy left to live in Zambia.
I aim to be like you, with your pure, loving and forgiving heart,
and I hope you stay that way always.

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