Thursday, June 29, 2017

Grade 2 Week 42 ( June 4th - 10th )

This was a pretty distressing week for you in some ways as you tried to come to terms with Poh Poh having to leave about a week and a half early due to some unforseen circumstances with Aunt Winnie's parents.
June 04 Week 42-001
You were very brave even though you did get tearful and sad.
June 04 Week 421-001
We drove Poh Poh to DFW for her direct flight to Richmond, and you at least got to spend a few more hours with her that day.
June 04 Week 422-001
Your face as she entered the restricted area, though......
June 04 Week 423-001
We stopped by Furr's for some food and saw THIS sign. I dunno. It's just funny to me.
June 04 Week 424-001
This is you tuckered out after a long trip and some Costco-ing.
June 04 Week 425-001
We ran into the worst storm on our way home. Visibility for a while there was almost zero.
June 04 Week 426-001
Luckily, we drove out of it but the clouds were still scary looking.
June 04 Week 427-001
The next morning, the lack of Poh Poh-ness was palpable. :(
June 04 Week 428-001
When you were playing Kinect, you decided to make Poh Poh an avatar.
June 04 Week 429-001
When we did our shopping at Walmart that week, we actually FOUND the V.I.Poo product that had caused many a giggle in our home.
June 04 Week 4210-001
AND someone lost another tooth! This time it was the left top 2nd incisor.
June 04 Week 4211-001
Our library selection this week included the brilliant Patricia Polacco,
June 04 Week 4212-001
The Flying Beaver Brothers collection, 
June 04 Week 4213-001
Dav Pilkey's masterpieces,
June 04 Week 4214-001
Berenstain Bears and Dr. Seuss,
June 04 Week 4215-001
Jeffrey Brown and others.
June 04 Week 4216-001
We were surprised by a LIVE! radio show at the library when we got there this week,
June 04 Week 4217-001
and Daddy accompanied you up there while I got the books for the week.
June 04 Week 4218-001
You even got to do a little craft thingy!
June 04 Week 4219-001
And here you are reading under the table again. This time, it was a super intriguing book that was a "choose your own ending" type, except there were like hundreds of options!
June 04 Week 4220-001
AND, the Asian in you loves Prawn Crackers :)
June 04 Week 4221-001
Also, this photo speaks for itself as to what you like to do with Styrofoam cups.
June 04 Week 4223-001

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