Monday, June 12, 2017

Grade 2 Week 39 ( May 14 - May 20 )

Hurray, we are continuing the practice of identifying when the weeks are! *pats self on the back*

And what made this week especially exceptional was that this was The Week Poh Poh Arrived

She came bearing gifts from your aunts in Malaysia,

but the best part was Poh Poh herself.

You spent much time bonding with her, seeing how it was the very first time you were seeing her In Person.  It was easy for the both of you to begin being BFFs,seeing how the both of you are so easy to love.

You spent endless hours playing, reading, and making crafts together.

There was this one particular craft that we made, of a pirate beard and accessories, which just had us in stitches and literally rolling around on the floor laughing.  You can see Poh Poh laughing like crazy in the top left picture in the collage below.

SHE even got in on the act :P

Then there were all the Magformers Sessions...

One dinner time, you decided YOU wanted to be the photographer instead :)

We had many a homecooked meal with Poh Poh, and below was when we Video Whatsapp'd with your cousins in Richmond and showed them our Mexican themed dinner.

Poh Poh got to go to the library with us,

and try her luck on the HEBuddy Spin and Win kiosk

AND eat at Sunrise :)

Also, the first week she was here, we had super crazy weather with many days of thunderstorms.  One of them yielded hailstones that were QUITE big.

May 14 Week 3915-002

And we continue our Quest to Read-A-Lot.  Poh Poh enjoyed reading our selections as well!
May 14 Week 3916-001
May 14 Week 3918-001
May 14 Week 3917-001

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