Sunday, July 30, 2017

Grade 2 Week 45 ( June 25th - July 1st )

We went through Big Nate this week in a big way! :)
June 27 Week 45-001
And of course, Dav Pilkey is quite the staple around here, it seems :)
June 27 Week 451-001
As always, we try to expand our minds and horizons and learn more about just about anything.
June 27 Week 452-001
and then there are those that are just for fun.
June 27 Week 453-001
June 27 Week 454-001
We haven't spent THAT much time out of doors because the temperatures have just been insane.
On the other hand, when we do get out, we love seeing the butterflies hanging around the wet grass that has just been watered, and marveling about how long the weeds have become.
June 27 Week 455-002
The highlight of the week has got to be when we went to the library for a Marionette performance.  We were there a few minutes before time, and the gentleman who was performing was asking for volunteers from the audience.

And guess who held his hand so high up so eagerly, and was thrilled beyond belief when he got chosen to go up on stage later?

June 27 Week 456-001
After giving you guys a bit of instruction as to what to expect, he started his show and introducing all his different puppets.
June 27 Week 457-001
June 27 Week 458-001
At different points, he would bring his puppets down to the audience and interact with them,
June 27 Week 4510-001
and the kids were so thrilled and just enjoyed every minute.
June 27 Week 459-001
Then, all the volunteers got to go on stage and were handed their own little marionette to work with.
June 27 Week 4512-001
They were shown a thing or two by the master himself, but they had fun fun fun!
June 27 Week 4513-001
Stay sweet and full of marvel, little boy :)
June 27 Week 4514-001

Friday, July 28, 2017

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming....

to let you know what your current favorite program on TV is.

No, it's not something on Nick or Boomerang or even PBS ( which has all the stuff we adore like Nature Cat, Wild Kratts, Martha Speaks etc ),

but rather, it is something on MeTV, a nostalgia channel, which has TV shows "from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond".  Classic TV, basically.

And drum roll please,

it is...


You look forward to "new" episodes each time, and as we DVR the series, you get to rewatch all your favorite bits :)

You find especially hilarious, the theme song from the first season where they forgo "The Professor and MaryAnn", and just say, "And The Rest". 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Grade 2 Week 44 ( June 18th - 24th )

Your daddy and I often marvel at how many books you have read over the years and continue to consume every week.
June 23 Week 44-001
Granted, I am the one who chooses most of the books, but you do pick some out or request some.

June 23 Week 441-001
June 23 Week 442-001
There is an area in the library that is mainly for the "Teen" set, and has some "snazzy" decor. You love to go to that part and "chill" :)
June 23 Week 443-001
Also, this week, we received a care packaged from Uncle Carter, filled with Asian goodies.  There was a little hole in the box though, when we went to retrieve it from the mailbox, that had ants coming out of it.  You took one look, screamed, and ran off. LOL
June 23 Week 444-001
After we shook out all the ants and flattened the box for recycling, we took a good look at the loot, and there was a lot of it! You especially loved the "crackle on your tongue" pop rocks and the Yan Yans :)
June 23 Week 445-001
We leave you with a couple of we-fies till next week :)
June 23 Week 446-001

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Grade 2 Week 43 ( June 11th - 17th )

You decided you wanted to revisit the Jedi Academy Books, and we received the Big Nate books that we had put on hold at the library.
June 11 Week 43-001
We continue to learn more about Patricia Polacco through her books, which are a delight and beautifully illustrated.
June 11 Week 431-001
We continue to try to read to open our minds and broaden our horizons,
June 11 Week 432-001
but we still try to search for books that pique our interests as well.
June 11 Week 433-001
We went upstairs for a craft session organized by the library, but we were the only ones there, as just about everyone was done and had left.  The lady in charge was sweet and gracious enough to set up a workstation for us even though she could have very well have been putting her stuff away.
June 11 Week 434-001
You love anything to do with crafts, and loved painting the flower pot and bird feeder that she handed you.
June 11 Week 435-001
Then, it was down to the reading nook :)
June 11 Week 436-001
You still enjoy playing on the Kinect, and this time, you have prepared an audience :P
June 11 Week 437-001
Jaxon and his crew
June 11 Week 438-001
Now, this may seem like an odd photo, but it was to be printed and cut out as part of a craft for a Father's Day card. It made a lot of sense, trust me :)
June 11 Week 439-001
Your current favorite thing to do? Draw Draw Draw, Doodle Doodle Doodle, Make funny comics and come up with super cute caricatures :)
June 11 Week 4310-001