Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Grade 2 Week 44 ( June 18th - 24th )

Your daddy and I often marvel at how many books you have read over the years and continue to consume every week.
June 23 Week 44-001
Granted, I am the one who chooses most of the books, but you do pick some out or request some.

June 23 Week 441-001
June 23 Week 442-001
There is an area in the library that is mainly for the "Teen" set, and has some "snazzy" decor. You love to go to that part and "chill" :)
June 23 Week 443-001
Also, this week, we received a care packaged from Uncle Carter, filled with Asian goodies.  There was a little hole in the box though, when we went to retrieve it from the mailbox, that had ants coming out of it.  You took one look, screamed, and ran off. LOL
June 23 Week 444-001
After we shook out all the ants and flattened the box for recycling, we took a good look at the loot, and there was a lot of it! You especially loved the "crackle on your tongue" pop rocks and the Yan Yans :)
June 23 Week 445-001
We leave you with a couple of we-fies till next week :)
June 23 Week 446-001

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