Sunday, July 30, 2017

Grade 2 Week 45 ( June 25th - July 1st )

We went through Big Nate this week in a big way! :)
June 27 Week 45-001
And of course, Dav Pilkey is quite the staple around here, it seems :)
June 27 Week 451-001
As always, we try to expand our minds and horizons and learn more about just about anything.
June 27 Week 452-001
and then there are those that are just for fun.
June 27 Week 453-001
June 27 Week 454-001
We haven't spent THAT much time out of doors because the temperatures have just been insane.
On the other hand, when we do get out, we love seeing the butterflies hanging around the wet grass that has just been watered, and marveling about how long the weeds have become.
June 27 Week 455-002
The highlight of the week has got to be when we went to the library for a Marionette performance.  We were there a few minutes before time, and the gentleman who was performing was asking for volunteers from the audience.

And guess who held his hand so high up so eagerly, and was thrilled beyond belief when he got chosen to go up on stage later?

June 27 Week 456-001
After giving you guys a bit of instruction as to what to expect, he started his show and introducing all his different puppets.
June 27 Week 457-001
June 27 Week 458-001
At different points, he would bring his puppets down to the audience and interact with them,
June 27 Week 4510-001
and the kids were so thrilled and just enjoyed every minute.
June 27 Week 459-001
Then, all the volunteers got to go on stage and were handed their own little marionette to work with.
June 27 Week 4512-001
They were shown a thing or two by the master himself, but they had fun fun fun!
June 27 Week 4513-001
Stay sweet and full of marvel, little boy :)
June 27 Week 4514-001

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