Thursday, August 10, 2017

Grade 2 Week 47 ( July 9th - 15th )

You're getting to be quite the Chapter Book reader.  Of course, there's a still a lot of illustrations in the books we borrow, but if they keep your interest in the books, we welcome them!
July 09 -016
July 09 -017
We continue to love Patricia Polacco and her books which share with her many of her adventures and the people she loved as she was growing up.
July 09 -022
Of course, books can also have OTHER uses..
July 09 -018
Speaking of books, you have been quite the prolific writer/artist.  You have started your own comic book as well as "A Guide to Doodling" book, as well as sketching in a sketch book.

So far, I have scanned your Comic Book into pdf form and will do the same with your other works.
July 09 -023
One of your characters is Monty Moose, and in the panels below, you have even incorporated YOURSELF into the story!
July 09 -024
*behind the scenes*
July 09 -025
Since Poh Poh taught you some basic coloring skills, you have been trying to color the way she taught you, and you are getting to be so much better!
July 09 -026
One thing you love to do, is when we get to the Jello aisle at Walmart or HEB, you like to put the different jello boxes together that make up a scene or a face. In the case below, it is the minions.
July 09 -027
We *heart* games...
July 09 -028
I have had this pack of DIY origami animals for a while now, but didn't think you had the patience or perhaps dexterity to do it till now.
July 09 -029
So we brought it out and you had a grand time folding along with me.  The easy ones were not a problem for you, but for the harder ones, you followed closely to my instructions.
July 09 -030
July 09 -031
The rooster one was hard, even for me, and so you just let me do it :)
July 09 -019
The boys were here again this week, and I always love to see how much fun you have together.
July 09 -032
The big surprise of the week was when we took you to the DRIVE IN! It was a complete surprise to you, and you were totally thrilled!
July 09 -033
July 09 -034
We watched "Despicable Me 3" and "Cars 3" ! It was terribly late by the time we got home, but we made an exception for your bedtime this one time.
July 09 -020
We end this post with you getting me to watch your homemade Whoopie Cushion.
And it was pretty effective too!
July 09 -021

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