Tuesday, July 17, 2018


I have never been any good at chess.

That is assuming I ever play the game.

Which I am horrendously intimidated by.

When I see someone playing chess,whatever age they are, I'm like, "WOAH, KOWTOW TO THE MENSA MASTERS" or something.

THIS is me, 5 minutes into a chess game.

YOU, on the other hand, with your mind like the ultimate sponge, are loving it.  Honest to goodness.

Knowing how it is a handicap or mental block of mine that I cannot possibly get past at this point, I knew I had to get you off to a good start on learning chess.  I am not really the Tiger Mom type, but I would really love for your horizons to keep broadening as much as they possibly can.

SO, a few days ago, I signed you up an account on ChessKid.com, which is apparently the kiddy arm of Chess.com.  Their content is pretty much freemium, and that works for my budget.

So, instead of like me throwing in the towel in the gif above, you are like,


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