Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Sticks

So I gave in and peed on another stick tonight. Lubby Hubby doesn't want me to be disappointed if it isn't so, or if it turns out different, so he is trying to play devil's advocate, and telling me not to get my hopes too high etc. I know it's only coz he doesn't want me to get all depressed - he's seen me all the other months when Aunt Flo would come and I would burst into tears.

Anyway, this evening's stick looked darker than this morning's, but other than sore BBs, tiredness and weird mood swings/emotional craziness, which are all ALSO PMS symptoms, I could be expecting Aunt Flo at any minute. Besides, using Fertility Friend ( maybe my temp taking was kinda out of whack this month ), I ovulated late, and all the temps are kinda crazy anyway.

This evening's stick

This month's chart ( click on chart for full size )

Half hearted

I guess these test sticks from Dollar Tree should be sensitive enough. I see online on all the different forums where women post their "peed-on" sticks from the Dollar Store, that look like they give a very clear positive.

I dunno. I did another one today, but it is still faint. I'm still not keeping any hopes up. Should I go get one from Walmart or something? We'll see how it goes.

I forgot to take my temperature this morning when I woke up. It had been quite a fitful night. Woke up umpteen times to pee - good grief. And then woke up at 7 am. I'm not that much of a sloth, but waking up at 7 am hasn't really been my deal. BUT since Sunday, I've been waking up earlier and earlier and earlier! No wonder I get tired at noon.

No signs of Aunt Flo as yet, and don't seem to be having any cramps this morning. BBs are still majorly sore. TMI? So what. I have to get all of this out of my system somehow.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I wonder if....

Lubby Hubby and I started our quest for a baby in February. We didn't tell anyone, because we didn't know how successful we would be, and we didn't want to add to the stress and anxiety of the whole thing. I had started a blog on Trying to Conceive before this, but scrapped it because it got too painful after several months of not getting pregnant and convincing myself month after month that I was flawed in some way or that I was doing something wrong, and generally being a complete wreck for a lot of each month and end up feeling sorry for myself and have a pity party by myself on the blog.

So why start another now? Well.. because of THIS

Okay, to the "untrained" eye.. ahem, one might be going.."eh? I don't see nuthin'". But believe me when I say that I have seen enough Big Fat Negatives to know when there is a faint SOMETHING on the test.

It is day 34 of my cycle, and my cycles are usually 30 - 32 days, and still no Aunt Flo. There has been some mild cramping on and off since Sunday ( about 3 days ago ). The test above was taken yesterday after we came home from our weekly grocery shopping - I had hopped over to Dollar Tree to go get some tests ( I am a closet Pee on a stick maniac and that was the cheapest way to "indulge"), and I was getting ready to see another BFN when suddenly, around 4 minutes into the test, there was this tiny faint little pink line...

We'll see in the next few days if this holds up, or if it's a false alarm. But I HAVE been feeling unusually tired and sleepy these days, besides cramping on and off... BAH

But then again, that could be PMS as well.

BUT BUT BUT If I'm preggers, I would be 4 weeks and 5 days...

Hopefully I'll have more positive thoughts on this blog, with a fresh new start, preggo or no preggo.

letti out.