Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dreams of a little Young'Un

Two nights ago, I dreamt that you were already born. You had some asian features and some caucasian features, and were as cute as a button. In my dream you were a new born, but looked much more like a 3 month old, full of baby chubbiness and alert and smiley.

AND, I was feeding you "cantonese style" porridge.

And you were loving the porridge, when I suddenly realised I should be breastfeeding you, but by that time, you were nice and full and not interested in nursing anymore.

I told your daddy about the dream, and he said, "Oh boy, looks like we might end up with a Sumo Wrestler instead of a Cowboy".


What do YOU think, Junior? :)

1 comment:

Applied Christianity said...

Either way, I am sure he is as cute as a button, like you said.