Monday, June 29, 2009

A Momentous er, Moment

You're 3 months old today, babyness!

which means you are now no longer a newborn but an actual INFANT. It's funny that there is a distinction, but crazy as it sounds, in just the last couple of days, you
  • have suddenly discovered your thumb ( hey, I caught you sucking on it, bub ) as opposed to sucking your entire fist,
  • lift your head and "some" chest up surprisingly well at tummy time ( which for some reason you don't hate as much now ),
  • WANT to sit up, and when you are propped up, you try to lift your head to try and sit up straight,
  • would sleep 4 - 5 hours at a stretch at night before needing a feeding,
  • kick up less of a fuss before actually sleeping for that stretch
  • are also at the same time staying awake for longer periods of time
  • are smiling so much more ( although you still have your cranky hours ), and we even caught several little "laugh"s
  • actually seemed to bat at on purpose, the little infantino peek-a-boo ducky rattle that was on your car seat carrier handle
  • grasp my shirt while feeding
  • have become quite the chatterbox when it strikes you, what with your "aaah!"s and "angoooo"s and "ehhh!"s which can get quite loud!
  • are supporting some weight with your legs and push down when held upright
  • are crying less.. just a little, but every little bit of "less crying" helps!
On the mommy front, Aunt Flo is back. In fact, she popped in twice this month. First on the 4th, and then on the 27th. Her visits were shorter and lighter than usual, though. I suppose postpartum and breastfeeding makes for an inconsistent irregular Aunt Flo.

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The Chansburys said...

i was wondering who aunt flo was for a while... ahhh... gotcha ;P TMI! and hey, with the crying thing, it's his only way of communicating and don't stress so much (although the sounds are pretty distressing one!) cause as long as you are meeting their needs even 30% of the time, they say it's fine! also, some babies cry more than others - tell me about Jamesy!!!!! Cal also cries a bit before he knocks of to sleep - fussing mainly cause he's tired but wants to keep partying but too tired and the body just wants to shut down but his head wants to continue so the struggle is there... rather hilarious ackcheloi. really my dear, you are going great guns - if you saw me and jamesy 3 yrs ago you would never have had children, i promise ;) the boy was the KING OF CRYING AND FUSSPOTDOM(and still is). God decided we needed a break and gave us Cal ;) love ya heaps!