Thursday, May 9, 2013

Adventures in the Woods and Beyond....

A few weeks ago ( while you were still sporting the Jon Snow hairdo ), we ventured off with the dogs to Abilene State Park for you AND the dogs to romp.

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You, my boy, seemed to thrive on the open spaces and ran about exploring everything.  You were most curious about the yurts.  Even though we have been here when you were younger, you said you didn't recall ever being there before.  I'll have to show you some blog posts or show you the photos when we get a chance :)

Having said that, you also like little nooks where you can have a secret hiding space :)  We found a little shaded area surrounded by short trees/shrubs, which you immediately claimed as "The Secret Hiding Place".

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On our way home through Buffalo Gap, we passed by Jim Ned school.  It was after school hours - or maybe it was a Saturday? - and so there was no one there.  We parked and your eyes widened when you saw that there was a never-been-to-before playground to explore. :)

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We didn't realise that we would be playing in an area where the ground would be little rocks, so you spent a little bit of time removing little pebbles from your shoes, showing off your dexterity and nimble little fingers when it came to the velcros and whatnot.

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You have been adamant about doing a lot of things by yourself as far as I can remember, and you are getting really good at a bunch of them :)

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