Thursday, May 9, 2013

Playground Discovery

First off, there's going to be some discrepancy in hair lengths in the next few blog posts, I'm certain.  All this because I've been really bad about posting events from last month.  Meanwhile, there's been a haircut as well as a trim on top of that :)

ANYWAY, we were going somewhere the other day, and ended up trying to find out where some really heavy black smoke was coming from.  The smoke er, settled before we could find out where it was coming from, and ended up discovering a playground we had never been to before :)

It was close to Dyess Airforce Base, with a large compound, which we walked all around.

 photo P4111381_zps0474d670.jpg

 photo Blog_zps4375a45c.jpg

Stay gold, little boy :) 
Stay gold. :)

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