Saturday, May 18, 2013

We always have a veryshortspring.

So whenever I could, I tried to move the "classroom" out of doors, and take advantage of the cool morning air.  As we speak, the highs of the day are in the 100s and although it is about 11:30PM right now, the temperatures are still in the 80s. Seriously.

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ANYWAY, back to the matter of you and er, "school".  I can't bring myself to say that we are "homeschooling", because I have no experience whatsoever, and whatever it is that I am actually doing, seems so inadequate. ( I AM trying, though. )

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But you, my boy, are learning by leaps and bounds, and actually read our bedtime stories to me. :)  And when we do our "lessons", you actually read the instructions.

One of the books we did in the Spring ( I know it isn't officially summer yet, but has anyone told the weather that? ) was "The Story about Ping", which was about a little Pekin duck who lived in a boat house, and his (mis)adventures.

We did several "outdoor" activities tied to the story, including a "Will it Sink or Will if Float" experiment,

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a "Why ducks don't get wet" experiment,

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and did a little bit of origami, folding a little sailboat, and drawing "wise eyes" on him.

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You are also starting to want to spell just about everything by sounding out the word.

Here's you spelling HOSPITAL ( or HOSPITL phonically ), all by yourself when I wasn't looking.

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Like, Woah!

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