Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Sprinkles

  photo 2627a814-8878-4788-b3ce-e2385737f396_zps8dee365f.jpg

Of course, mummy's t-shirt is the go-to face towel :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

One can never have enough toys..

We don't have very much space in our little house, so we can't have as many toys as we really want you to be able to have.

 photo 4b933ce5-73a7-4a9a-88e3-077b54a6096c_zpsb2a64f28.jpg

So, whenever we are in places where there is a "Toy Aisle", you would always request that we make a detour over to that aisle :)  I try to "layan" ( good grief, I can only think of the Malay word at the moment ) the request whenever I can, what with all this I-am-depriving-the-little-boy angst and guilt. LOL. But in  my defense, little children CAN be fickle and their interest in something can wane really quickly :)

Ook, I just thought of the word for "layan" - ENTERTAIN

 photo 60e5d4a3-1db0-451e-b2eb-eec0b70e2c89_zps7285aef1.jpg

A Blast from the Past

I was looking through my "For Jaxon's Blog" folder today, and couldn't believe it when I saw these photos in there, FROM MAY!!!!


 photo dbf568c3-a474-4ccc-b845-34cda96984f7_zps138cfbee.jpg

Anyway, for a few months now, you have developed a love for drawing drawing drawing.  I wonder if it has anything to do with my "Draw Something" er, game, or that your Kong Kong and Popo both majored in Art ( and English ) in Teacher's Training College, and your Granny Franny was a wonderful painter :) Genes on both sides expressing themselves like crazy :).

 photo 641d4ce5-4799-427a-bb75-e687a7599459_zpsf3df1bce.jpg
Here are a few pieces of art work from back then, and we have accumulated quite the folder/binder of art work since then.  I make you draw on both sides of the paper just so we don't drown in a sea of your art work, and you have been drawing more and more elaborate things.  You usually center around Angry Birds as the main theme, but incorporating different things that you encounter every day :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pororo Chopsticks Revisited

It was put away for a while when it appeared that your motor skills needed to be a little better before you could actually use it effectively,

  photo 5e517977.jpg

but lately you had been asking for chopsticks, and so I got the Pororo Chopsticks out again. :)

This time around, you worked them like a pro :)

 photo 251d44a6-b23e-407b-ab20-dbd1b7818423_zps442e195a.jpg

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mom wishes she had clones

Okay, so I had just spent every waking non-working-on-chores moment with you, doing school work and playing and whatnot.  Then I tell you that I have to go make lunch, and leave you in the room by yourself.  Of course, whenever I am not in the same 4 feet air space as you are, things ALWAYS crop up, and there's the perpetual "Mummy! I need you!" cry.

This time, you're asking me to play sword fighting or some such with you, and I try to tell you that I have to cook.  You walk away, sulking, and when I come to the room to get you for lunch, this is what I see on the table.  Mind you, written by a 4 year 3 month old by himself with no prompting lol.

 photo 2cd06e92-adca-40f7-a7c7-d2a960b07fe9_zps2ce26d6c.jpg

Translation :

"I wish that I can get Mommy can play with my toys"

I'm torn between feeling awed, amazed, bemused, proud, and of course, sad, among other things :)

Friday, July 12, 2013


It has been over a year since Grandad passed.  When he passed, you were still barely 3 years old, and we told you he had gone to be with Granny Franny.  We talk about Grandad often, and show you pictures and videos, and tell you how much he loved you.

Yesterday, my heart about broke when you asked, "Does Grandad miss me?" I had to try really hard not to start crying right there and then.  We told you that of course he did, very very much.  And we miss him too.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Every day Jaxon

You have quite the flair for imagining and coming up with stories.

One day you got a paper towel roll and pretended you were a pirate captain "on the high seas" and "sailing the seven seas" and what not, with a bunch of "Ahoy mateys" and "shiver me timbers" thrown in. :)

Of course, Pink Bird had to get in on the act as well :)

 photo d196d56b-3c3b-49c9-b8e1-549c9b4bd155_zpse29d14c0.jpg

 photo 934766e5-d98f-4006-80e0-1d71b71d3180_zps94b181fd.jpg

You finally were totally exhausted from a "pretend sword fight" and collapsed, giggling onto the floor.

 photo 64a8e320-3bfb-481d-9ad1-97d509ed98c6_zps6b0176c3.jpg

Of course it took no time at all for you to bounce right back to your favorite pastime of the moment, DRAWING!  Even your drawings have elaborate stories woven into them.  I have you tell me the stories so that I can write them out on the paper, so that we can always remember what a wonderful imagination you have, and what a flair for story telling! And ART!

  photo 5ad87cab-b141-4840-a3da-e9e513dce743_zps12a14e87.jpg

and it's always better when you have an audience :)

 photo 03713a35-5c42-4d60-8079-9172e42e4fa7_zpsc5cb575c.jpg

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Ham

You have had a camera stuck right up to your face just about every day of your life since you were born, hehe, so it is no surprise that you ham it up when I say, "let me take your picture", and you say, "one more! one more!" We have been continuing our studies/work in the RV - it is a school room in the day time, and converts into your own bed at night. Imagine that. Remind me to post about you sleeping in the RV :)

 photo d3f73339-2bc2-4899-8033-fc8aa0a1a227_zpsfbbd7706.jpg photo e4bfd25f-0f66-4287-a78f-998a531ee37e_zps2a168cec.jpg photo 50f89755-ceb3-4eb9-9496-b546c39b5e2e_zps0eb874f1.jpg

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Of Jokes and Magic Tricks

You are driving us a little batty with your crazy knock knock jokes :)

I think you were a little unclear of the concept, because the conversation would go as such :

Jaxon : Knock Knock
Mum : Who's there?
Jaxon : Shinga
Mum : Shinga Who?
Jaxon : Shinga who lives on a shoe! Get it??? *laughs hysterically*


Every knock knock joke you would tell would end up with the person living in a shoe, on a shoe and anything else you could think of, with a shoe. I mean, it was driving me nuts! LOL

Then I thought I would introduce you to the actual concept of knock knock jokes, and after consulting a few websites, made you laugh even more hysterically when you finally GOT it. :)

Now you have a repertoire of knock knock jokes under your belt, some of which are

1. Atish = Atishoo! = Bless you
2. Cowsgo = Cowsgo who? = Cows don't go who, they go moo!
3. Boo = Boo Who? = Aw, don't cry!
4. Who = Who Who? = Hey you sound like an owl~
5. Yoo = Yoo Who? = Yes?
6. Alittleoldlady = Alittleoldlady who? = Hey, I didn't know you could yodel!

  photo knock-joke-who-there-the-funny_zps76c318c2.jpg

and a few more I can't remember for now :) And yes, you have been practising and practising them :)

Another thing you have been doing, is your special magic trick, which involves making food disappear... by eating them. LOL!

Here's the video's link.