Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kinectimals Revisited

When we first got the Kinect last Christmas, you were mainly interested in doing the Pixar Adventures and the Kinect Adventures - I'm guessing it's because they have a lot of very physical activities and you could jump and flail to your heart's content.

Then we went through a period when you really wanted to do the Disneyland Adventures a lot.

Suddenly a week ago, you picked up the Kinectimals disc and said that you wanted to do THAT one.  When we first got that months ago, you weren't really interested in it, but this time around, you thought it was hilarious! You did the Panda adventure, and were rolling around on the floor laughing at the little Panda's antics.  You have adopted him as your virtual pet, and named him "Pandy", and can't wait to play with him every day.

 photo Current-Folder_zps06fadb42.jpg

Before you went to bed tonight, you reminded me - "Mommy, remember, you said I could play with Pandy in the morning..." :)

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