Thursday, October 31, 2013

Learning Together

One of the books we read/rowed was "How to make an apple pie and see the world".  At this stage, I'm not about to make you memorize facts about different countries or anything ridiculous like that.  We're learning about the world in general and try to broaden our horizons a little, introduce certain concepts and widen our vocabulary a bit. 

 photo e9f44268-e2a0-41d8-8283-7e565da56664_zps638e92be.jpg

Subconsciously, or inadvertently, you have picked up bits and pieces of information about the different countries mentioned in the stories we read.  I mean, I tend to learn all kinds of things each week when we go through our different books. It is quite exhilarating :)


Every week, after Bible Class, one of the things you look forward to is coming by and drawing on the white board. Inevitably, you will always be doing something related to the Angry Birds. :)

However, there was one week when Halloween was on your mind, what with "Pirate" being the costume of choice this year and all, that this was what you drew.

 photo f8def57b-985b-4206-8831-cf728251934e_zpsa5fcf1af.jpg

  photo 151b54a9-6eec-4e7e-9bce-6a58192bb851_zps5dd656ba.jpg

or better known as, "Jaxon the pirate and Cindy, traveling to a desert island, searching for treasure"

Friday, October 25, 2013


When we go to the library, you usually "scour" the bookshelves as well, and often get a bunch of books for me to check out along with the ones that I've gotten.

Today, one of the books you got was "The Big Fat Cow that goes Kapow"

You were rolling around in your bed, laughing till you could make no sound, except to laugh hysterically and say, "Mummy, it almost makes me want to pee pee!!! hahhahahahha!".


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Playing Shop

A couple of weeks ago, we read "Night of the Moonjellies", and continued learning about coins. 

  photo bbf08dbc-4236-4f98-9e67-77dff0b986eb_zpsbf03f4e9.jpg

One of the accompanying books we read was "Have a Good Day Cafe", and decided that we would open our own little play store at "school".

 photo 0f105345-9709-4460-99b7-bd9dec9d9c20_zpsa93d5fd7.jpg

I had set the store up while you were busy watching a video, and so you were very pleasantly surprised when I called you in, and you saw the stuff all laid out.

 photo 9d50658b-9721-435e-856e-2c7072c61643_zps98d665bf.jpg

You loved toting around the little brown grocery bag, picking out what you wanted to "purchase", and then figuring out with me how much to pay and which coins to use.  To keep it simple, we paid for the items one by one.  When we reopen the store the next time, I'm going to concentrate just on one or two denominations  at a time.

 photo a67f96b7-b7f0-4067-ba06-7c840a271038_zpsec4c3a28.jpg

We even managed to rope Daddy in on the adventure. :)  You had a grand time showing daddy "the ropes".

 photo 2c998a9d-7106-47f9-9ebc-618f83237ed8_zps2191cf6b.jpg

Saturday, October 12, 2013


We've been trying out the "writing aid" we got recently and it is really easy to use.

 photo 37dba465-28b8-4de0-a883-69ed7926848c_zps09f44040.jpg

I try to gently nudge you to "pinching" your pencil with thumb and index finger, without being too pushy...

 photo d0d77588-ced8-4dc4-9786-683fe4d26727_zpsff30e90d.jpg

We also got some chalk pastel for school, and got to use them when we read "Night of the moonjellies".
You LOVED using the chalk, and when I showed you a little bit about shading/blending, you were at it like a little pro. :)

 photo 12ad6bf4-884d-4c33-acd1-50269ab8a615_zpseaab734e.jpg

 photo 1c3a5c85-fa9d-4c33-a2cf-2d3e52cc055c_zps7d2de87e.jpg

You were so enamored that you went ahead and made a bunch more drawings, every one of which, had a story :)

 photo 4281d5d2-f974-48e2-b5a8-5a82ad69c69d_zps0971eb91.jpg

Friday, October 11, 2013

Poetry in Motion

 photo fb04c45d-a34b-4863-98a1-40af4026cad3_zpsd0a6c58d.jpg

You love rhyming, and this is a short song that you came up with while I was giving you a shower.

"If I had a hammer,
I would flush it away..
So I could have a new one
Every Single Day."

Classic or WHAT.

Cars 2 Revisited

The last time you were so caught up with Cars or Cars 2 was probably 1 1/2 years ago.

 photo 13321493-b496-4db6-b5a1-a0e2d5e919d7_zpsa86bf9fc.jpg

Here you are, enjoying your afternoon matinee, complete with drink and popcorn, while mummy takes a nap. :)

  photo 363f96b2-7061-45c7-8248-e9e667332908_zps5ff16b00.jpg

At time of writing, you have watched it from beginning to end about 4 times, all seen within a week.  We also borrowed "Mater's Tall Tales" from the library, and you have been watching THAT on a daily basis :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happiness is Playgrounds....

Even though it tugs at the heart strings to see how fast you are growing up, but it makes me proud to see your little achievements, and how you are getting stronger and more nimble and more confident...

 photo Current-Folder_zpsf820a14f.jpg

Just a few months ago, you would not have even contemplated attempting to climb up dubious looking steps :)

 photo Current-Folder2_zps6765f719.jpg

You were climbing UP the slides like a little monkey, and making me run up and down to watch you did so.

 photo Current-Folder3_zpsece05ba9.jpg

We even got to get Cindy in on the action.

 photo Current-Folder4_zps20716d04.jpg

 photo Current-Folder5_zps1a161d9c.jpg

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Birthday Epidemic

It all started with Pooh Bear's surprise birthday party.... and then it just snowballed into a fortnightly thing or something, where someone or other of your toys would need to have  a birthday party.

Seeing how you aren't really demanding as far as birthday party itineraries go ( You're usually pretty much happy if there's cake or cupcake ), I usually oblige and try to convince you to space them out a little.

So far we have also had

Elmo's Surprise Birthday

 photo a797f506-67fe-4908-a25b-53fbcbd9a4e8_zps001ce080.jpg

 photo 72a634c8-9d0d-4b43-a82d-d18d11180e2f_zpsa963a530.jpg

White Bear's Surprise Birthday

( I know, this was my attempt at not using too much icing, but still have some decoration on the cake - and it worked.. lol, you loved it )

 photo 4810bdc3-5ccb-4470-a3a4-26635429ac9d_zpsd535dd1f.jpg

and Moose's Not-A-Surprise Birthday

Little Pooh Bear Jr.'s birthday has already been scheduled to be next.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Gamer

It has been about a year and a half since we've been to any "arcade" type place.  I think guilt finally set in, after denying you for so long, and it's not for the lack of you asking. :) Everytime we go by the mall, you would ask to go to Chuck E Cheese's, and if we drove by the Expo Center, you would ask to go to Prime Time.

I mean, you may not remember a lot of things from when you were 3, but you sure remember them arcades! LOL

Anyway, last Friday, after mummy had had a brief stop shopping at the Ditto's sale, we finally relented and stopped by Prime Time.

 photo 262bc23a-51fb-422f-8289-2f9e78aae08c_zps09878c3e.jpg

We watched the go-karts whiz by, and decided that THAT particular "ride" might have to wait till you were a little older :)

 photo e279fc3d-f314-4599-a149-141fb19f4d22_zpsc187a26b.jpg

When we got inside, there was a bunch of ACU students bowling and having a pizza party.  Of course you tried to grab the first bowling ball you came across, was surprised that you couldn't budge it, and wanted to go look for one that was "more your size".

  photo 9ecafe3c-23b6-4d01-a955-ebf071deb33d_zps1166a27c.jpg

Of course, the main attraction was the arcade area.  There was a "little peeps" area, where we played some games, enough to redeem a bunch of little "prizes" :)

 photo f755f0b4-7dc7-41c0-898d-094aa4fb6b1c_zps10ee4845.jpg

 photo 43d2918e-0d64-4f9d-9923-2def0c900f43_zps8212f6b6.jpg

Your favorite game in the place, though, was the air hockey table. You and I played it twice :P

 photo 3dae06bc-8c51-4487-91eb-d66787c1307b_zps0b01565a.jpg

As we were walking out to the car, we see a couple of girls resting up, with golf clubs and balls in hand.  Daddy asked them if we could borrow their gear so that you could at least hit the ball a few times, and they were so gracious and readily handed the stuff over :)

 photo df048593-ae6b-4ac4-96ec-cd30c452cfc3_zps49858eda.jpg

Hopefully we won't have to wait that long again till we come back :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

I'm no Bill Nye

but that didn't stop us from doing some cool science stuff as we read "Katy and the Big Snow" and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening".

 photo DSC_0476_zps81f67d26.jpg

I had read about this on all the Pinterest boards, and was really happy that we could finally have a chance to make our Borax Crystal snow flake crystals.

 photo DSC_0520_zps987924ea.jpg

We even made a snowman! :)

 photo DSC_0524_zps97b8ca72.jpg


You are quite a prolific artist, and I've tried to make sure you've been able to  have materials within easy reach, so that you can express yourself that way.

  photo DSC_0487_zpsc7db198d.jpg

  photo DSC_0486_zps9cc10150.jpg

You have recently, though, been incorporating more and more elaborate storylines into your drawings, which you call "levels", like in your Angry Bird games, complete with teleport portals, explosions, signage and whatnot.

 photo DSC_0489_zpsc8e927a1.jpg

Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's Pumpkin Season

You 've grown up with a camera in your face just about every day, so naturally you can pose/ham it up at the drop of a hat. :)

  photo RNXWZRG_zpsa5f36f27.jpg

 But, more often than not, it's almost like you're NOT looking at the camera on purpose, prefering to just do your thing... which is great with me, since I think candid shots capture your personality better :)

  photo Current-Folder_zpse6bb3cd6.jpg

You were really more interested in picking out the straw from the hay bales more than hanging around and posing, but no matter :)

  photo Current-Folder1_zpscff2ca60.jpg

Nothing better than flinging straw into the wind once you're done with it :)

  photo Current-Folder3_zps9365040c.jpg