Monday, January 27, 2014

You've got Da Moves

You love to ham it up for the camera, and you have this repertoire of poses that you freely display, whether it be at home, or in this case, at Walmart :)

 photo Malaysia8_zpsf544ec64.jpg

I love it when

we go to the Playground and there are kids your age.  You love to play with them and are always the first to introduce yourself.  AND I love it when they respond to you and the lot of you start playing together :)

 photo Malaysia01_zps75640a62.jpg

Remembering December...

Okay, so mummy's been pretty tardy with several Xmas posts, but here are a few that slipped BACK through the cracks ...

We did a Gingerbread Village together, as well as some other seasonal crafts, which we displayed proudly in the RV. :)

 photo Malaysia1_zps6bf591f3.jpg

Of course, part of the time, you were more interested in the candy than in decorating, but I think you did a great job. I did most of the piping, and you "glued" on the decorations.

 photo Malaysia2_zps4e627581.jpg

You even got out some extra toys to complete the "Village" theme :)  We even had a frozen pond for the animals to go ice skating on. Hehe.

 photo Malaysia3_zpsf3932a8d.jpg

 On Christmas morning, you couldn't wait to open all your presents.. you were so excited you exclaimed the night before that you just would not be able to go to sleep.  Of course, 5 minutes later you were fast asleep :)

 photo Malaysia16_zps591a5984.jpg

Imagine your surprise and wonder, when you saw that Santa got you EXACTLY what you had asked for. *wink wink* - Angry Birds Toys and Books :) This year, you got some oranges and nuts in your stockings as well, just like daddy did when he was a little boy :)

 photo Malaysia17_zps1e85fb9e.jpg

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Uncle Jim

a.k.a. an excuse to go play with Max :)

We were at Max and Jet's house yesterday for Uncle Jim's birthday, which had you extremely excited :)

 photo bcc55507-1551-4072-919d-7a49341793b5_zps901113bc.jpg

I love it that Max loves to play with you ( and vice versa )

 photo 08163ccd-4cc7-4492-ac2a-2c7cf2ca2ef8_zps8056182a.jpg

and that the two of you are close enough in age ( 6 months apart ) to be able to get along so well. :)

 photo 5529ce4a-765d-413e-bfab-017e30b7a7ce_zpsd5b38c34.jpg

Hurray for cousins..!

 photo b67a0d82-fce9-4fcf-b356-6750690d0de5_zpscad0ec29.jpg

Saturday, January 18, 2014

3 months later....

We have been using the er, "corrective" pencil grips for approximately 3 months now, and what a difference it has made!

cf. 3 months ago, HERE

and now...

 photo 9a75a0e5-5423-4854-8cb8-953292989324_zps745a0d88.jpg

 photo 4d9c2e8e-2d56-4999-b6ee-75c0913d7d60_zps7b535fab.jpg

I know we still have some way to go, and I myself have a rather odd grip a lot of the time, but we want only the best for our little boy, aye? :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Full Circle

I decided that we would start learning the months of the year - and the calendar, in general, starting January of last year.  So, we have had a monthly calendar up for the last 12/13 months now, and you are no stranger to days and months and now, even the year(s).

This was what was up in December.   Quite eventful.

 photo fbf81cde-d96b-4e30-b17d-1db4dfd016c3_zpsb6cc2e07.jpg

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Look who got new sheets!

We went to Ross Dress for Less a couple of days ago to get some sheets for mummy and daddy's bed, and look what YOU found in the bedding aisle. :)

 photo 92272358-2dc9-4598-9051-9ac7e6d2ec75_zps5dc54351.jpg

Of course, it was for a Twin bed, and so I had to come up with a way to make the fitted and flat sheets fit. :)

 photo e4ef17ea-7ddc-486b-938e-4621d61358de_zps35cb354a.jpg

 photo 43237dfd-2ac1-4048-a541-3b5f7107faf8_zps8f4e555c.jpg

It is amazing when I think that you have loved Angry Birds for half your life, practically. That's some serious likin', now.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

So I missed posting these in real time.

Here's a glimpse at what we did in November....

(yes, NOVEMBER! )

 photo Malaysia1-copy_zpse850c17d.jpg

 photo Malaysia7-copy_zps80a9ac07.jpg

 photo Jaxons-Blog_zps8cde67ae.jpg

 photo Malaysia4-copy_zpsef697c00.jpg

 photo Malaysia6-copy_zps3ab66797.jpg

 photo Malaysia2-copy_zps50524d63.jpg

Monday, January 6, 2014

Overheard in our home today..

Jaxon : When I grow up, will you marry me?
Mummy : Well, I can't.  I'm married to Daddy.
Jaxon : Oh. Then who will I marry when I grow up?  Every person gets married.
Mummy : Well, when you get older, you'll meet a nice girl and you may ask her to marry you.
Jaxon : Uh huh.

I love you, little boy. To the moon, and back :)
Bao Bao Kiss.

Jaxon and the 50 States

You learnt your 50 states along with me quite a while ago, and I thought I had a video that I shot, but not sure where that is.. anyway, here is you singing with much glee, as daddy says, "naming all the 50 states in under 53 seconds".

Friday, January 3, 2014

Xia Qi

Xia Yu had been taking care of you on Fridays during Bible Class when it was still being held at Grandad's house, and then when it transferred over to the church building after Grandad passed.

In the last few months, Xia Yu has had her sister, Xia Qi, take care of you instead, as she is in the midst of some personal matters.

You were a little leery of Qi at first, but Xia Yu brought her along for a couple of Fridays, and one day you declared, "I'm not afraid of Qi anymore!"

So, for a few months now, Qi has been helping care for you while Mummy is at bible class, and you have become good friends. She is such a sweet lady and obviously thinks you are quite darling. LOL.

 photo d7814043-23fb-4219-bee0-4fe49a42cbb9_zps12ce01a3.jpg

I still think it quite funny when I ask "Is Xia Yu Chinese?", and you would answer, "Of course!", and then when I asked if I were Chinese, you would look at me as if I was going crazy, and say, "NO".