Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Girl Next Door

Technically speaking, she is the grand daughter of the man next door, but still. She is a couple of weeks younger than you and she has 2 wiggly teeth! I can't believe how in this photo, you look so much bigger than she does. ( Although, she does look like quite the young lady with her cute bob and earrings!)
 photo Jaxon and Maddie_zpspz81bj1e.jpg
You have missed playing with Maddie (5) and her brother Carson (8) over the winter months because they hadn't been over to their Grandad's that much, and it has been cold so they haven't been out and about.

Now that the weather is warmer, the kids are out in full force.

Over Spring Break, they came and spent a few days with their Grandad next door.  You got to play with them, jump on trampolines and play hide and seek :)
 photo Jaxon Maddie 3_zpsgw19smr9.jpg
I'm sure we will have plenty of opportunities to play with them as the weather warms up, but every time we tell you it is time to go, you look so crestfallen, like you'll never see them again :)
 photo Jaxon Maddie 2_zpsrmkfcgyi.jpg
If you ask me, I think they can't wait to play with you again either!

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