Wednesday, March 18, 2015

To trap a Leprechaun

One of the activities we did for St. Patrick's Day was build a simple Leprechaun trap.  

We thought up the idea together, rigged a box with a chopstick, some yarn and some loot ( fake gold doubloons ) as bait.

Even though we had discussed it, you still were NOT quite convinced that we wouldn't actually catch one.  You hid under a chair, waiting for a few minutes but then I guess the monotony of waiting got a little too much.

We strung the string out to the living area so that you could still yank it when the time came.

Later in the evening, we got ready to go out and as we were leaving you suddenly said , "But Mommy, what if the leprechaun gets my stuff while we are gone???!!"


I hope you retain your sense of wonder for as long as you possibly can, if not throughout your life.

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