Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer's almost over...

We took part in the Summer Reading Program at the Library, like the  year before, and after you read a certain amount of books within the time frame given, you got to put your hand-print on one of the pillars at the library.

So one day last month, we brought your filled-up form to the library and sought out the librarian in charge, and got your hand-print up on the Pillar of Fame  :)

 photo 20160708_075059-001_zps8afjkddz.jpg
It was a Dinosaur theme this year!
 photo 20160708_104915-001_zpszdazch41.jpg
We sought out Ms. Amanda who is in charge of the children's section of the library to get the little boy's hand painted. "It tickled!"
 photo 20160708_104950-001_zpsxfg9dxds.jpg
Can you spot the "Papa"razzi? :)
 photo 20160708_105010-001_zps2zwjiwuj.jpg
Cleaning up afterward
 photo 20160708_105108-001_zpsctra7554.jpg
You even got to write your name on the pillar!
 photo 20160708_105122-001_zpsqbm8yem7.jpg
ooh yeah, baby.

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