Thursday, November 3, 2016

Grade 2 Week 9

Hurray for Library Books and Libraries!

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We downloaded 123dSculpt from the Windows Store and had fun manipulating little 3D figures on the computer. They had some pre-done sculpt that we could play with, and you had a great time making the figure have a big head, big arms etc, and then painting it.

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We did a bunch of stuff for Science this week.  We have been focusing on Plants and Seeds and plant growth.  It was a good thing we have all kinds of plants around us that we could use for science experiments and to observe.

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We managed to find all kinds of seeds - the ones that are propagated by the wind, by sticking to animals, by popping open and spreading their seeds that way, etc etc.

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We had a bunch of wild sunflowers and wild grass that were intriguing and we had fun getting all the TINY little sunflower seeds off of the sunflower heads.

 photo Oct 18 Week 98-001_zpsx6eaqvwp.jpg

We had SUCH a wide variety of seeds and pods, it was KHAMAZING.

 photo Oct 18 Week 99-001_zpsij9w9lpr.jpg

And then we decided we needed SUNFLOWER SEEDS!!!!! 
To eat.

 photo Oct 18 Week 910-001_zpswrwz2917.jpg

Then I soaked some seeds for a few days before we embarked on THIS little experiment.

 photo Oct 18 Week 911-001_zpsljsxwfuy.jpg

We had some pinto beans, black beans and squash seeds.

 photo Oct 18 Week 912-001_zpsmjsn4pvj.jpg

You loved all the hands on business and getting to participate.

 photo Oct 18 Week 913-001_zpsdxuutypy.jpg

We were trying to see how the roots would grow if we turned the ziploc back upside down and what not...

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We ( and I do mean WE ) learned a little bit more about our Government and its officials.

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