Saturday, November 5, 2016

Playground Time

I've noticed that we have hardly any Fall season here in Texas, but when there is that tiny window of nice weather, we make sure to ask Daddy if he wouldn't mind stopping by the playground when we are out.

 photo Oct 18 Week 917-001_zpsb4wmyrnc.jpg

You are way tall and big for your age, but inside you are still this little 7 year old. Sometimes it seems like you should be all gung ho about some of the things they have at the playground, but your little inner 7 year old says..."er, maybe when I'm a little older.."

 photo Oct 18 Week 918-001_zps5pypz0dd.jpg

We strolled over to the volleyball court, and drew in the sand and you made me guess what you had drawn..

 photo Oct 18 Week 919-001_zpsfngompbe.jpg

Then, we went over to the "famous" tree with the low hanging branches and I'm guessing that's the only tree that would would even consider climbing at this time..

 photo Oct 18 Week 920-001_zps52q00ust.jpg

 photo Oct 18 Week 921-001_zpskqbjhlq7.jpg

 photo Oct 18 Week 922-001_zpstikynmv1.jpg

One thing that you wanted me to see you do was the monkey bars thingy, which you had always been trepidatious at attempting that, so it was quite the milestone.

 photo Oct 18 Week 923-001_zpsc8lg6xba.jpg

Before we left the playground bit, we played a few rounds of Tic Tac Toe, and noticed for the first time that there was Braille on the game "pieces"! Hurray!

 photo Oct 18 Week 924-001_zpspc8mfsbp.jpg

Just as we were leaving, we noticed that someone was practising their moves over at the rink.  We decided to stop by and watch the guy for a few minutes before going on our merry way.

 photo Oct 18 Week 925-001_zpsrdbhj6dx.jpg

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